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TypeSpread, salad, relish
Region or stateBalkans
Associated national cuisineBulgarian, Macedonian, Croatia, Serbian
Serving temperatureCold
Main ingredientsPeppers, tomatoes, garlic, onions, vegetable oil

Ljutenica, lyutenitsa or lutenica (Bulgarian: лютеница, Macedonian: лутеница, Croatian: Ljutenica, Serbian: љутеница; lyuto or luto meaning "hot") is a (sometimes spicy) vegetable relish or chutney[1] in Bulgarian, Macedonian, Croatian and Serbian cuisines.

The ingredients include peppers, aubergines, carrots, garlic, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, and tomatoes. It comes in many varieties: smooth; chunky; with chili peppers or eggplant; and hot or mild.[2]

Ljutenica may be slightly spicier than the other popular relish; however, these relishes are available in many regional and national variations.

In Bulgaria, lyutenitsa comes in a jar and is often used as a spread on breads. It is also frequently eaten with many meats, meatballs and kebapcheta. Most households have them all year.

In recent years, industrial production of ljutenica and ajvar has flourished. Large-scale production of both relishes has popularized them outside the Balkans.[3]

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