Llogara Pass

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Llogara Pass
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Llogara pass through
Elevation 1,043 m (3,422 ft)
Traversed by road
Location Albania
Range Ceraunian Mountains
Coordinates 40°11′49″N 19°35′51″E / 40.19694°N 19.59750°E / 40.19694; 19.59750Coordinates: 40°11′49″N 19°35′51″E / 40.19694°N 19.59750°E / 40.19694; 19.59750
Llogara Pass is located in Albania
Llogara Pass
Llogara Pass
Location of Llogara Pass

Llogara Pass (Albanian: Qafa e Llogarasë, Greek: Στενό Λογαρά) is a high mountain pass on the Ceraunian Mountains connecting the Dukat Valley in the north with the coastal region of Himara on the southern side. Orikum is the nearest city on the northern side of the pass and Dhërmi, in Himara municipality, is the closest one in the south.


In November 1912, during the Himara revolt a Greek unit was positioned on the Llogara in order to defend the region of Himara from Ottoman-Albanian attacks from the direction of Vlorë.[1]

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