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Llolleo, also called Llo-Lleo, is a town in the commune of San Antonio, V Region of Valparaiso, Chile. It is located 98 km from Santiago de Chile and 4 km from the port of San Antonio. It is demarcated in the south by the mouth of the Maipo River (which separates it from the Rocas de Santo Domingo), the Llolleo area is called "La Boca" or "historic cove," where you draw different seafood and fish on a small scale .[1]

Llolleo is the hispanization of the name Llollehue which in Mapudungun means fishing place. The town was born as a resort after the arrival of the railroad in 1912 .[2]


Coordinates: 33°37′S 71°36′W / 33.617°S 71.600°W / -33.617; -71.600