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Lloyd Mullaney
Lloyd Mullaney.jpg
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Craig Charles
Duration 2005–2015
First appearance 20 June 2005
Last appearance 25 September 2015
Introduced by Tony Wood
StreetCar Stories (2014)
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Taxi firm owner
Home Jersey

Lloyd Mullaney is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street, played by Craig Charles. He made his first on screen appearance on 20 June 2005. The character departed on 23 July 2006, while Charles was suspended from work. He returned on 12 February 2007. Charles took a temporary break from the show in autumn 2011 to film new episodes of Red Dwarf, with Lloyd departing on 15 December 2011. After a seven-month absence, Lloyd returned on 2 July 2012. Charles announced his departure from the show in May 2015. Charles' final scenes aired on 23 September 2015 in a live episode to celebrate 60 years of ITV. Lloyd departed for good after 10 years alongside his pregnant fiancée, Andrea Beckett (Hayley Tamaddon) when they left the street together to move to Jersey. Although he returned with Andrea on 25 September 2015 as they wanted to say goodbye to Steve who missed the leaving party.

Lloyd's storylines have included: his comedy-duo act with best friend Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and running taxi firm StreetCars with him; relationships with Kelly Crabtree (Tupele Dorgu), Cheryl Gray (Holly Quin-Ankrah) and Liz McDonald (Beverly Callard); discovering Cheryl's affair with her ex-husband Chris (Will Thorp); and an engagement with Andrea, which struggled when he discovered she was secretly married, and ended temporarily when Andrea stole a rare 7" record (worth £1000) in order to help her daughter.


Lloyd gets a month's trial as a taxi driver at Street Cars. Corner Shop owner and Street Cars co-owner, Dev, tells Lloyd he's hoping for a boy, when his pregnant wife Sunita gives birth. Lloyd enjoys passing this information on to Sunita. Sunita's furious with Dev and storms out of the Corner Shop in tears. Lloyd has to collect two mischievous boys, Robbie and Mark from school. They proceed to give Lloyd a hard time messing about in the car. Lloyd's embarrassed when Claire gives them a stiff talking-to and immediately they're good as gold. Lloyd tells Claire that she can pick up Mark and Robbie in future as they're nothing but trouble. Claire enjoys pointing out that they're well behaved for her. Lloyd drives Candice and Warren to the Candice's modelling audition. Lloyd offers Dev £15,000 for his half of Street Cars. Dev says he'll think about it. Claire's furious when she finds out from Lloyd that Fred's thinking of buying Street Cars. Lloyd tries to chat up Kelly Crabtree but she tells him she's out of his league. Fred tells Dev he's not interested in buying his half of Street Cars. Dev begrudgingly agrees to sell to Lloyd instead at a knock-down price. Lloyd's delighted. Kelly's rude to Lloyd until she discovers he's about to become a half-owner of Street Cars, but it's too late and Lloyd tells her that he's lost interest. Kelly makes a play for Lloyd. She's delighted when he asks her out. Kelly's put out when Lloyd postpones their date in favour of a darts match. Lloyd promises to take Kelly to the Clock Restaurant on Friday. She's delighted. When Les confirms that Lloyd does indeed own half of Street Cars, Kelly agrees to meet him in the Rovers. Kelly and Lloyd have a great date at the Clock. Kelly is offended when she overhears Lloyd moan that he spent £100 on their date without even getting a snog. Kelly confides in Lloyd that when she was a kid she was sent away for shoplifting. Steve is aghast to find he has a new partner. Dev assures him that Lloyd is trustworthy. Steve is piqued that Lloyd is proving popular with everyone, including his workforce.

Kelly's bought two tickets for Lloyd's favourite jazz group. She's put out when he says he can't make it as he's got a darts match. Kelly's upset to discover Lloyd is lying about the darts match as The Junction don't even have a darts team. Lloyd takes Kelly out for a curry. He treats her like a lady and Kelly decides not to quiz him about the imaginary darts match. Kelly, Joanne, Jessie and Janice decide to follow Lloyd to find out what he's up to. Kelly's gutted to see Lloyd kissing a leggy blonde and realises she's being two-timed. Kelly has a great time with Lloyd at the Clock restaurant. She worries that she's too common to be in such a posh place but Lloyd assures her she looks fantastic. Claire has impressed a punter, Mal Quillan, with her promptitude and he wants to set up a contract with Street Cars for his chain of pubs. Steve insists on meeting Mr Quillan himself and sends Lloyd off on a job. Claire tries to keep Mal Quillan occupied for over forty minutes in Steve's absence. Lloyd rescues the contract by offering £5 back for every ten minutes that one of their cabs is late. Steve begrudgingly acknowledges Lloyd's quick-thinking. Lloyd decides to boost staff morale by giving everyone call signs. Lloyd is Lone Wolf, Les is Alpha Male and Claire, Pink Lady. Steve won't join in. Lloyd suggests a works night out to vote on the call signs. The call sign system breaks into chaos as Les keeps offending Eileen. Prompted by Steve, she pretends to quit, until Lloyd begs her on bended knee to return. Lloyd cancels his date with Kelly. She's disappointed but delighted when he later sends her a bouquet of flowers. When Lloyd hears Liz is moving out of the taxi office flat he says he'd be interested in moving in. Lloyd's delighted, suddenly finding he's got his own flat.

On Ronnie Clayton's first day working for Street Cars, her husband calls in while she is out. He's gangster Jimmy Clayton, owner of Connect Cabs. He tells Lloyd they mustn't employ Ronnie if she comes looking for a job. Lloyd and Eileen keep quiet. Steve admits to Lloyd he didn't sack Ronnie and is in fact now seeing her. Lloyd thinks he's mad messing around with Jimmy Clayton's wife. Ronnie's husband Jimmy Clayton calls in the taxi office. He tells Lloyd he knows Ronnie's working for him and threatens have him beaten up if he doesn't sack her. Lloyd tells Steve he's got to get rid of Ronnie to avoid any trouble. Ronnie's husband Jimmy Clayton calls in the taxi office. He tells Lloyd he knows Ronnie's working for him and threatens have him beaten up if he doesn't sack her. Lloyd tells Steve he's got to get rid of Ronnie to avoid any trouble. Steve tells Lloyd that Ronnie's keeping her job at Street Cars. Lloyd's not happy. Lloyd's fed up as Jimmy Clayton continues to sabotage Street Cars with hoax calls and olive oil on the car seats. Lloyd calls a meeting of all Street Cars' employees. He's worried about the hoax calls and thinks Ronnie should leave before there's more trouble. Lloyd tells Ronnie that he knew she was trouble. Jimmy threatens Lloyd again and makes racist comments. Lloyd's angry and decides he's on Steve's side when it comes to Jimmy Clayton. Lloyd rallies the troops telling them they will not be beaten by Jimmy Clayton and they must all stick together. Lloyd arranges to take Kelly out but then cancels saying he's got a darts match. Kelly's upset suspecting he's seeing his other woman again. Lloyd's worried when the limo he's booked for Les's wedding is cancelled. Lloyd attends the wedding of Les and Cilla. Kelly tries to persuade Lloyd to give up his darts match for her but he refuses. Kelly's furious when Lloyd cancels their date again. She decides to seek revenge. Lloyd meets Kelly for a quick drink before his supposed darts match. While his back's turned, Kelly slips five sachets of laxatives into his beer. Lloyd suddenly doubles over in pain. Kelly's really worried. Lloyd's taken to hospital. Kelly's beside herself and admits to the doctor she laced his beer with laxatives. The doctor says she might have caused him serious harm. Kelly guiltily gives Lloyd some chocolates as a peace offering but he's unforgiving.

Kelly accuses Lloyd of having an affair when he's supposed to be playing darts. Lloyd explains how he borrowed the money to buy into Street Cars from a married woman he was having an affair with and now she's blackmailing him. He has to have sex with her as a form of repayment. Kelly's furious and dumps him. Somebody throws a brick through Lloyd's windscreen. Steve and Ronnie suspect it's Jimmy. Jimmy continues to threaten Steve and Ronnie with his gun. Lloyd arrives at Jimmy's farm and manages to push Jimmy out of the way with his car. Steve and Ronnie escape in Lloyd's car, but Jimmy soon gives chase. Jimmy tries to force Lloyd off the road but he loses control and ends up in a ditch. Lloyd wishes he hadn't blown it with Kelly. When Lloyd's bit on the side Tina turns up saying she wants to move in with him, Lloyd finishes with her, telling her she can whistle for the money he owes her. Lloyd tries to make up with Kelly but she tells him where to go. Lloyd tries to make up with Kelly but she pours a drink over him. Lloyd's impressed to hear how Jack once won £60,000 on the dogs and the horses. He asks him for some tips. Lloyd's fed up when he loses on the horses. He tries to think of other ways to raise £10,000 to pay Tina back. Steve's unimpressed. Lloyd borrows £10,000 from the bank to pay off Tina. Kelly's pleased and agrees to go out with him again. Lloyd enjoys needling Steve over the fact that Ronnie now has her own flat. Kelly tells Lloyd she expects something expensive for Christmas. Lloyd explains he's broke but it falls on deaf ears. Kelly wins some money. Kelly takes Lloyd to the Clock and proceeds to flash her winnings about. Lloyd's cross with her and leaves her to it. Kelly's mugged by a guy saying he's got a knife. She loses her new bag, her phone and all her money. Lloyd collects Kelly from outside the police station and comforts her.

In 2006, while at the station collecting her things with Lloyd Kelly sees Becky Granger, an old acquaintance from jail. Becky catches up with Kelly and Lloyd and insists on buying them a drink. Becky tracks down Kelly and tells her she's got a job interview and needs to borrow some clothes. Kelly agrees to meet her at Lloyd's flat later. Kelly confides in Lloyd she thinks Becky's too clingy. Much to Kelly and Lloyd's embarrassment, Becky tells them how much she loves them both. Liz finds out from Lloyd that Vernon and Michelle have gone to a flat. It's Kelly's birthday and she is opening her presents and cards in Underworld. She opens a huge card which is from Lloyd. Lloyd gives Kelly a key to his flat for her birthday. Kelly is angry at Lloyd for giving her a key to his flat for her birthday - she thinks he is being cheap. Joanne tells Kelly not to be upset with Lloyd about the key because it was a romantic idea however Becky is purposely making Lloyd out to be a bad guy. Kelly takes Joanne's advice and finds Lloyd to tell him she wants to move in. Kelly and Lloyd discuss the watch Becky bought Kelly for her birthday. Lloyd thinks the watch is genuine. Kelly and Lloyd continue to discuss the watch that Becky bought her for her birthday - Kelly is still not happy about the situation. Kelly begs Lloyd to let Becky stay for a while until she finds somewhere to go. He reluctantly says yes. Becky moves her stuff into Lloyd and Kelly's flat. She has spent the last of the advance on her wages on a bottle of Champagne for Lloyd and Kelly but they're unimpressed. Steve winds Lloyd up about having Becky and Kelly living with him. Lloyd weighs up the pros and cons of living with two women. Kelly complains to Lloyd that they never have a minute to themselves nowadays. Becky is becoming overly friendly with Lloyd and it's beginning to make him uncomfortable. Lloyd finds Becky in his room trying on Kelly's clothes - she is acting strangely. Lloyd confides in Steve about Becky's behaviour - Steve just laughs it off. Kelly tells Lloyd it is time for Becky to move out. Lloyd and Kelly are finding it difficult whilst Becky is still there. Becky tells Lloyd and Kelly that she is viewing a flat tonight. Lloyd is chatting with Becky about Kelly. She is flirting with him a lot and when she moves in for a kiss he reciprocates but then realises what he has done - they decide to forget it. Becky continues to play happy families with Lloyd but he doesn't like it at all. Kelly confronts Becky in the Street. Becky winds her up by saying that she and Lloyd are "getting it on". When Lloyd tells Kelly that Becky kissed him, Kelly storms out of the cab office. Lloyd chucks Becky out after believing everything Kelly has been saying.

Lloyd tries to talk to Kelly but she's frosty towards him. Kelly's upset with Lloyd for thinking she was the thief of the street after the street was hit with a spate of thefts, but starts to thaw towards him. Kelly's upset at the thought of going to prison for something she didn't do. Lloyd reckons she should plead guilty to lessen her punishment. Lloyd, Sean and Joanne celebrate Kelly's result but she's upset pointing out there's nothing to celebrate; everyone still thinks she's a thief and she's got to meet her probation officer every month for a year. Kelly's deeply upset that people still think she's a thief. When Lloyd makes light of it Kelly's furious and dumps him. Lloyd's gutted. Lloyd's in a bad mood having been dumped by Kelly. Ronnie's annoyed with Steve for agreeing to cover for Lloyd rather than take her to the cinema. Lloyd's really missing Kelly but she refuses to take his calls. Steve tries to mediate between Kelly and Lloyd but although Kelly appreciates what Steve's trying to do, she is adamant that Lloyd's history. Ronnie phones Steve while she's driving. While she's on the phone Ronnie accidentally knocks over a pedestrian. Not knowing if the man is dead or not, Ronnie checks no-one's seen her and drives off. She radios Lloyd and lies to him saying she's five minutes from Levenshulme. Ronnie's guilt-ridden and lies to Lloyd saying how she rescued a girl whose boyfriend was threatening her - that's why she switched her radio off. Steve and Kelly agree to keep quiet about their night of passion. Kelly feels terrible and realises how much she misses Lloyd. Lloyd's depressed when he finds out Kelly's looking for a flat on her own. Ronnie invites Lloyd and Kelly out for a curry with her and Steve. Kelly and Steve mask their discomfort. Ronnie panics when Les points out a dent in the taxi she was driving. Luckily Steve and Lloyd think Les is to blame. Lloyd tentatively suggests to Kelly they could meet for a drink. She's unsure. Kelly begrudgingly forgives Lloyd and they make up. In front of Lloyd, Kelly steels herself and admits she spent the night with Steve. Lloyd's stunned. Lloyd's furious with Kelly for sleeping with Steve. She explains they'd split up at the time but it cuts no ice with Lloyd. Lloyd's furious with Steve for sleeping with his girlfriend. He dumps Kelly and tells Steve she's all his. Kelly's devastated. Lloyd's depressed and angry and refuses to listen to either Steve or Kelly. Kelly's very upset. Steve begs Lloyd to be his mate again but Lloyd refuses as he can no longer trust him. Street Cars business dries up when the local paper runs an article about the hit and run and refers to them as "Killer Cabs". Lloyd furiously blames Steve. Street Cars business is still suffering. Lloyd continues to blame Steve. Kelly discusses ways of trying to get back into Lloyd's good books with Joanne. She reckons if she tells him Steve was lousy in bed it might work. Kelly tries to win Lloyd round but he puts on the "hard man" act and pretends he never cared about her. Kelly's upset. Steve announces to the Street Cars' staff that he had his operator's licence revoked and they're now out of business. Steve and Lloyd are at loggerheads. Lloyd refuses to apply for the licence in his name unless Steve agrees to sell his half of the firm. Steve refuses as he set the business up in the first place.

Liz arrives in the Rovers with Steve's birthday cake only to find Steve and Lloyd in the middle of a furious drunken row. Lloyd and Steve are each busy trying to poach the Street Cars staff for their own new business as Eileen remains loyal to Steve. Lloyd and Steve continue to row about Street Cars. The argument escalates and Steve tells Lloyd to get out of the Street Cars flat as it belongs to him. Eileen feels sorry for Lloyd as she watches him move his stuff out of the taxi office flat. She tells him he can stay at No.11 for a couple of nights. While Steve prices up buying a new fleet of taxis, Lloyd prices up new business premises. Eileen bangs their heads together. Liz forces Steve to apologise properly to Lloyd. Steve and Lloyd finally make up and agree to get Street Cars up and running again. Kelly hopes Lloyd will forgive her like he has Steve but she's upset when he refuses. Street Cars re-opens and Lloyd, Steve and Eileen have a celebratory drink. Liz surprises Vernon by buying him a Gene Chandler record from Lloyd for £100 as a sorry for his van getting stolen.

However, after some time off, Lloyd returns and forgives Steve, but not Kelly. They resume their friendship and move on from the past. Following his relationship with Kelly, Lloyd takes an interest in Jodie Morton (Samantha Seager). However, Jodie is under constant pressure to help run the family business and look after her younger siblings Kayleigh (Jessica Barden) and Finlay. She later moves to London, ending any possibility of a relationship. Lloyd rescues Steve and his girlfriend Ronnie Clayton (Emma Stansfield) from Ronnie's gun-wielding husband Jimmy (David Crellin), and rescues Becky Granger from Roy's Rolls when it is set on fire.

When Jerry Morton (Michael Starke) has a heart attack, Lloyd helps him and his family while he is in hospital. When Jerry's ex-wife Teresa Bryant (Karen Henthorn) arrives on the street on hearing about Jerry's plight, it is revealed that she and Lloyd had once had a fling. Teresa takes advantage of this - as well as Finlay's fondness of Lloyd - to con Lloyd into believing he is Finlay's biological father. Lloyd believes her and trying to do the decent thing, offers money to help look after him that she pocketed herself. Teresa's con is eventually revealed when WPC Mel (Emma Edmondson), Finlay's older half-sister gets suspicious and it is revealed that Finlay is not Lloyd's son.

After Steve has a one-night stand with Becky, Steve's girlfriend Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) becomes suspicious when Steve and Lloyd's behaviour seems strange. Steve flees abroad to see his brother Andy (Nicholas Cochrane), so Michelle bullies Lloyd to tell her what is going on. He lies several times and Michelle discovers that he has been sleeping with someone else. Steve stays away from Michelle but Lloyd convinces Michelle that Steve is planning to propose. Michelle tells Liam (Rob James-Collier) and Maria (Samia Ghadie), but Lloyd tells her to keep quiet when Steve returns from Spain. Lloyd then tells Michelle the truth, not knowing that Steve has proposed. Lloyd often helps bookmaker Harry Mason (Jack Ellis) and his wife Clarissa (Alexandra Boyd) when they live on the street.

In December 2008, Lloyd begins attending Brazilian crunch classes with Steve's mother Liz (Beverley Callard) in an attempt to lose weight, after he enters a bet with Steve, instigated by Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver). Lloyd is initially reluctant but gives it a try and becomes popular with the ladies due to his looks, personality and DJ-ing skills. When Lloyd returns with Liz later that evening and insists on going home due to the pain, Liz's face shows she has feelings for him and is distressed to see him share a kiss under the mistletoe with Poppy Morales (Sophia Hahqie), a new member of staff at the Rovers. On 29 December 2008, a young woman called Danielle (Annie Cooper) is clearly interested in Lloyd (although this is not reciprocated), but he and Liz kiss in private during a dance evening at the Brazilian crunch classes. Upon returning to the Rovers, Lloyd brushes off Danielle and goes to the back yard to meet Liz. The two declare their feelings for one another, share another kiss and secretly sleep together, while Steve is working behind the bar.

On 5 January 2009, Steve is in a dilemma as to how to dump Michelle, and after previously seeking his mother's advice, goes to visit Lloyd in order to confide in, and seeks the advice of his best friend. Steve arrives while Lloyd and Liz are in a passionate embrace, but Liz has to hide behind a chair when Lloyd answers the door, due to it being Steve, who then forces his way in to chat with Lloyd. Lloyd tries in vain to get Steve to leave, who is also intrigued by Lloyd's edgy behaviour, believing his mystery woman to be in. However, just as Steve is beginning to leave, he remembers his keys and discovers his mother's. Lloyd says that he found them in the street, and Steve jokes how the smell of perfume and the keys could have meant there was an affair going on between Lloyd and Liz. It then transpires there is an affair going on. Liz emerges from behind the chair, and Steve and Lloyd have an argument over the legitimacy of the whole situation (with Liz switching sides), followed by a minor yet comical scuffle between the two.

After a drunken one-night stand with Teresa, and a second explosive break-up with Liz, Lloyd reluctantly begins to date Teresa, who is living with him. Liz and Teresa continue to fight and after Teresa's stab at humiliating Liz by arranging a 'Vicars and Tarts (Liz)' party, Liz gets revenge by burning Lloyd's records in the oven. Teresa then tricks Lloyd into proposing to her in front of Liz after agreeing that she will make up with Liz in return. Since breaking up with Liz, Lloyd expresses an interest in Cheryl Gray (Holly Quin-Ankrah), a friend of Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson). Lloyd pursues Cheryl, although she resists Lloyd's advances. Lloyd later discovers that Cheryl works in a strip club. He later also discovers that she is married, and has a son called Russ Gray (Finton Flynn). One day - after seeing Cheryl with a black eye, presuming it is her boss - Lloyd attacks the strip club owner, causing Cheryl to lose her job. She then drops the bombshell that it is her husband Chris Gray (Will Thorp), and so Lloyd offers to let her live with him.

In December 2010, Lloyd is celebrating Peter Barlow's stag night in The Joinery, when a fight erupts between him and Chris after he provokes him several times during the evening. The fight intensifies before a huge explosion ends the fight and tears through The Joinery. Lloyd, however, escapes relatively unhurt and even rescues his enemy, Chris, from the inferno at The Joinery. Chris is grateful for Lloyd saving his life as Lloyd returns to help more survivors. After he saves Cheryl, she remarks on how the glass on 13 Coronation Street is red hot, and Lloyd kicks down the front door only to be blasted back by huge flames. He still manages to save Josh and Freddie Peacock from the inferno along with Russ Gray. Cheryl redecorates Street Cars and she decides to get rid of the chair and gets Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) and Gary Windass (Mikey North) to move it into the van so Eddie can take it to the dump, Lloyd spots this happening and persuades Cheryl to keep the chair resulting in Eddie bringing it back in. On Valentine's Day, he takes Peter to his wedding to Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), Peter tells him to wait in the car with Simon (Alex Bain).

Lloyd is left heartbroken when Chris and Cheryl tell him that they are back together. Lloyd throws Chris, Russ and Cheryl out of his house and tells Cheryl he never wants to see her again. Lloyd's friend and colleague Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) speaks to him and tells him that he should not let them get to him; and that if they annoy him, then they have won. The conversation helps Lloyd see sense, and he tells Steve that he is grateful for helping him cope through the confession. Lloyd struggles to cope with losing Cheryl and Russ and at one point he grabs Karl Munro (John Michie) by the throat when he jokes about Cheryl. Lloyd sets fire to his sofa in the street as Cheryl and Chris watch. Lloyd and Chris have a fight and Chris hits his head, Cheryl learns he has been lying about his tumour and decides to leave with Russ. Stella Price (Michelle Collins) helps Lloyd with his taxes and one evening, he misinterprets her concern and tries to kiss her. Stella knocks him back and Lloyd apologises. Lloyd tells Karl about the kiss. Lloyd decides to leave Weatherfield and he sells his share of Street Cars to Becky, before departing. Lloyd later sells his house to Steve. Lloyd returns and runs into Steve, who offers him a job and somewhere to live. Lloyd thinks he is being offered half of Street Cars, but Steve reveals that he was just offering him a driving job. Lloyd then sets up a rival taxi firm called Fare Ladies and begins poaching Steve's clients and staff. Lloyd hires Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), but fires her after he realises she has been sabotaging his cars. Lloyd makes up with Steve and starts working for Street Cars again under the basis that they do not mention their earlier arguments. Lloyd becomes enemies with Karl, after he cheats on Stella with Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati). Lloyd fires Karl and refuses to acknowledge his existence, but Karl warns him that he will get him back.

In September 2012, Lloyd has a chance encounter at a gig with an old friend, Mandy Kamara (Pamela Nomvete). They get talking, and Mandy reveals that her husband (also a good friend of Lloyd's) has recently died and she has moved to Manchester. Lloyd is keen for them to meet up again, but Mandy declines, and asks that Lloyd doesn't contact her again (there is suggestion of an affair between them in the past). Lloyd tries to make her acquaintance again by returning a necklace she left in the back of his cab but is startled when she is cold towards him. He once again tries goes to her house, but this time the door is answered by a young woman Lloyd does not recognise. After further attempts to contact Mandy, he finds out that this is her daughter Jenna (Krissi Bohn). Realising from Mandy's attitude towards him that Jenna must be his daughter, Lloyd finally confronts Mandy, and it is revealed that she planned to leave her husband for Lloyd many years ago, but her pregnancy kept them together, Lloyd moved away, and Mandy's husband never found out about the affair. When Jenna finds out, she is angry at her mother, who then plans to move back to Nottingham. Lloyd however convinces her to reconcile with Jenna, and move in with him. She grudgingly accepts, but soon warms to Lloyd once again.

There is minor divisions between the pair, when Jenna loses her job as a physio after one of her patients, Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) kisses her, and she does not report it. Lloyd supports her, while Mandy despairs over the career she worked so hard for, now over. Lloyd defends Jenna's choices however, and she makes up with Mandy after coming out as a lesbian, and entering a permanent relationship with Sophie.

In July 2013, Lloyd and his family enter the pub and overhear Paul Kershaw (Tony Hirst) make a racist comment whilst playing darts. This causes a rift between Lloyd's family and Paul but Paul's partner, Eileen Grimshaw, is trapped between the two as Lloyd is her colleague and one of her best friends. The arguments between the two sides continue, with Eileen determined to end the feud. Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) who is in a relationship with Lloyd's daughter Jenna, contacts the fire service where Paul works and makes a formal complaint about his racist remark. Paul finds this out via his manager and believes Lloyd made the complaint as an act of revenge, trying to get him sacked from his job. He subsequently finds Lloyd near the pub, pins him up against the wall and hits him. Jenna is walking across the street and noticed and she subsequently tells Paul that it was Sophie who made the complaint. However, the police are present as they had been called by Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) to investigate problems at his bar. Nick's wife Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) tells the police they are not needed, so they divert their attention to Paul and Lloyd and they take Paul down to the station for questioning due to his violent behaviour. Finally, Paul gives in and apologises to Lloyd, but there is still tension between the two.

Mandy and Lloyd's relationship is almost as shaken by Eileen and Paul's. That, combined with further arguments over Jenna (who is still with Sophie and is working with her in the Kabin), drove them to accept that they were no longer happy together. They parted company, and Mandy left the street soon after.

Paul has another encounter with Lloyd when Eileen convinces him and Steve to go out to a bar with Paul for his birthday. They are joined by Brian Packham (Peter Gunn), who seeks to lighten the mood, but the conversation soon turns to Lloyd and Paul. Steve and Brian leave soon after Paul and Lloyd stop talking to each other. Paul goes after them, leaving Lloyd to one last drink. He notices a gang of three men, all pale-skinned, observing him. He begins to chat up the barmaid, who is brown skinned. He invites her out, but then decides to abandon his drink and leave after he sees the unwelcome attention they are attracting. He bumps into Paul, who has come back for him, on the way out, but while distracted, he is surrounded by the men from the pub, who seek to rough him up. Paul intervenes, and one of the men 'questions his allegiances'. Paul ignores this, and tells them to back off. They return to the bar, and Paul and Lloyd begin to walk home. Paul apologises to Lloyd, but Lloyd, believing Paul's language instigated the encounter, shuns him, returning home alone. Later, when Paul leaves the street for good, Lloyd and Steve comfort Eileen, to no avail.

Lloyd later begins a relationship with Andrea Beckett (Hayley Tamaddon), a friend of Steve's from college. Steve is jealous, despite him being in a relationship with Michelle. Andrea later admits to Lloyd that she used to fancy Steve, but she now loves Lloyd, and after many meals at the Bistro, Lloyd forgives Andrea and reunite. Lloyd and Steve compete in a charity fun-run in memory of Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh). Steve accidentally trips Lloyd up, but Lloyd accuses him of doing it on purpose to beat him. Steve gets to the finish line first, but when Lloyd arrives, he collapses and suffers a heart attack with the concerned competitors watching in horror. Lloyd is rushed to hospital, where the doctors reveal that he has definitely suffered a heart attack. Andrea, however, is nowhere to be seen, which makes Jenna and Eileen suspicious. He later finds out that Andrea is married however stays with her, when she divorced him. He tries to win her back but she decides to stay with Lloyd. Jenna however is furious and shows hatred towards Andrea, they soon though begin a better friendship before Jenna decides to leave. Lloyd tries to stop her but let's her go eventually and they part on good terms and he is glad that he met her.

A few months later, Andrea and Lloyd break up when she sells one of his records to get money for her daughter. She leaves, but returns later and reveals she is pregnant. Lloyd begins a relationship with Liz McDonald, but calls it off when he finds out. Liz and Lloyd remain friends. Andrea tells him that she has been offered a job in Jersey and he has a drunken farewell with Steve before saying goodbye to Eileen. Lloyd and Andrea let go of balloons from Coronation Street as everybody cheers and the car drives off.

Lloyd returned with Andrea a few days later to say goodbye with Steve and they revisited old memories before once again leaving again, with his last appearance hugging Steve outside StreetCars.

In May 2016, Lloyd rang Steve to break the news that Andrea gave birth to a baby girl.


The show's producers created the role of Lloyd for Craig Charles to portray. In 2008 it was announced that producers had signed Charles up for a special three-year contract.[2]

On 28 May 2011, it was announced Charles would be leaving Coronation Street for a few months in order to film new episodes of Red Dwarf.[3] Laura Armstrong of The People reported Charles would return to the show in 2012.[3] Lloyd made his departure on screen on 15 December 2011.[4] In May 2012, Digital Spy's Tom Eames reported Charles had started filming his comeback episodes for Coronation Street.[5] The following month Charles confirmed that he would be staying with the soap for the foreseeable future and had just signed another contract extension.[6] Charles returned on 2 July.[6]


On 10 July 2012, Digital Spy's Paul Millar reported Lloyd would discover that he has a daughter.[7] Millar stated that Charles may have teased the upcoming storyline when he appeared on This Morning, saying "There's going to be something really iconic for Coronation Street happening to Lloyd. So I'll leave that as a little teaser!"[7] The show's producers began casting two actresses to play Lloyd's daughter and his ex-girlfriend.[7] A spokesperson commented that Lloyd has not been contact with the ex-girlfriend for a while and then she turns up and announces that they have a daughter together. They added "The news will knock Lloyd for six. His reaction will be pretty explosive."[7] On 26 July, it was announced that Pamela Nomvete and Krissi Bohn had joined the cast as Mandy and Jenna Kamara respectively.[8] Mandy is Lloyd's ex-girlfriend, while Jenna is his daughter.[8] A writer for itv.com stated "A long-dead affair is rekindled and secrets and lies come spilling out as Lloyd, his ex Mandy and their daughter Jenna, struggle to come to terms with the secret Mandy has carried for over 20 years."[8] Series producer Phil Collinson commented that the storyline created an instant "new" family for Lloyd.[8]


Following Craig Charles's temporary suspension from the show for drug abuse in 2006, The Guardian columnist Grace Dent spoke positively of the character and her hopes for his eventual return: "Love or hate Craig Charles, I thought he was brilliant in Corrie. From the moment Lloyd arrived, he was a breath of fresh air; the perfect foil to Steve McDonald, a friendly face for cab controller Eileen to while away long shifts with, a voice of common sense. Craig, get a grip and come back soon." [9]


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