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Lloyd Stowell Shapley[1] (November 3, 1875 – August 16, 1969) was a United States Navy Captain who served as the 32nd Naval Governor of Guam. He was born in Lebanon, New York. Shapley served as governor from April 7, 1926 to June 11, 1929.[2] As governor, he pushed for the Navy to approve a Flag of Guam; he succeeded in gaining approval in 1929, though the design changed 19 years later.[3] The flag consisted of a blue field with a central red-lined figure containing a Guamanian sling stone.[4] During his time in office, he had already retired from Naval service.[5] He died in Alameda County, California.

Published works[edit]

  • Shapley, L.S. (January 1930). "The Story of the Island of Guam". The Mid-Pacific 39 (1): 17–24. 


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