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Lloyd Ultan (born 1938) is a historian, author and professor. A native of The Bronx in New York City, he has been the borough's historian since 1996.[1] He is a professor of history at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Lehman College.[2] He has written several books, including The Beautiful Bronx (1920-1950), The Bronx in the Innocent Years: 1890-1925, and Bronx Accent.[3][4] Ultan is renowned for his walking tours.[5]

Selected works[edit]

  • The Northern Borough: A History Of The Bronx (2009), popular general history
  • The Bronx in the frontier era: from the beginning to 1696 (1994)
  • The Beautiful Bronx (1920–1950) (1979), heavily illustrated
  • The Birth of the Bronx, 1609–1900 (2000), popular
  • The Bronx in the innocent years, 1890–1925 (1985), popular
  • The Bronx: It Was Only Yesterday, 1935–1965 (1992), heavily illustrated popular history
  • "History of the Bronx River," Paper presented to the Bronx River Alliance, November 5, 2002 (notes taken by Maarten de Kadt, November 16, 2002), retrieved on August 29, 2008. This 2½ hour talk covers much of the early history of the Bronx as a whole, in addition to the Bronx River.

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