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Lloyd L. Weinreb (born October 9, 1936) is the Dane Professor of Law, Emeritus at Harvard Law School (a chair once held by Joseph Story). He was first appointed to the HLS faculty in 1965 and became a full professor in 1968.


Weinreb received bachelor's degrees from Dartmouth College (1957) and Oxford University (1959; M.A., 1963) before taking his LL.B. from Harvard Law School in 1962. He has spent several semesters as a visiting professor at Fordham Law School.

Prior to beginning his teaching career, Lloyd Weinreb served as a clerk for John Marshall Harlan II on the US Supreme Court[1] and as a criminal prosecutor in Washington, D.C.

His research interests include criminal law, criminal procedure, intellectual property, and legal and political philosophy.

Lloyd Weinreb has an extensive bibliography and has authored several casebooks on criminal law, as well as many law review articles.

Despite lacking the celebrity professor status of some of his colleagues at Harvard Law School, Professor Weinreb is highly regarded by students and faculty. He has been described as "a remarkable model of competence and clarity". [2] The Harvard Law Record ranked him among the 'ten professors whose classes you won't want to miss'.[3]

Notable publications[edit]

Recent Law Review Articles[edit]

  • "A Secular Theory of Natural Law," 72 Fordham Law Review 2287 (2004). [4]
  • "Integrity in Government," 72 Fordham Law Review 421 (2003). [5]


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