Llullaillaco National Park

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Llullaillaco National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Habitat du Chinchilla brevicaudata - Lllullaillaco.jpg
Location Antofagasta Region, Chile
Nearest city Antofagasta
Coordinates 24°43′0″S 68°37′0″W / 24.71667°S 68.61667°W / -24.71667; -68.61667Coordinates: 24°43′0″S 68°37′0″W / 24.71667°S 68.61667°W / -24.71667; -68.61667
Area 2,687 km²
Governing body Corporación Nacional Forestal
Satellite image of Parque Nacional Llullaillaco.

Llullaillaco National Park is a national park of Chile, located 275 km southeast of Antofagasta in the Andes. It lies between the eastern slopes of the Cordillera Domeyko and the international border with Argentina. In the park there are several important mountains that culminate at the summit of Llullaillaco volcano. The park also is characterized by extensive semi-desert plains interspersed by Quebradas. A part of the Inca road system is found in Río Frío area.


The park lies within the Central Andean dry puna ecoregion.[1] In the park have been recorded 126 flora species, 21 of which are endemic to the area.[2]


To access this area,the travel must be programmed and have official permission from the CONAF (National Forrest Guard of Chile) in Antofagasta City.[3]

Herds of vicuñas wander through the park.


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