Llyn Bochlwyd

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Llyn Bochlwyd
The Outflow of Llyn Bochlwyd - geograph.org.uk - 239790.jpg
The outflow of Llyn Bochlwyd
LocationSnowdonia, Wales
Coordinates53°06′N 4°0′W / 53.100°N 4.000°W / 53.100; -4.000Coordinates: 53°06′N 4°0′W / 53.100°N 4.000°W / 53.100; -4.000
Primary outflowsNant Bochlwyd
Basin countriesUnited Kingdom
Surface area4.208 ha (10.40 acres)
Surface elevation555 m (1,821 ft)

Llyn Bochlwyd (Welsh pronunciation: [ɬɨ̞n boːχluːɨ̯d, ɬɪn boːχlʊi̯d]) is a lake in Snowdonia, Wales, in Conwy County Borough. It lies in Cwm Bochlwyd, near Llyn Ogwen in the Glyderau mountain range.[1]

The Welsh name of the lake means "Greycheek Lake". According to a local legend, this is based on a story of an old grey stag that was hunted but miraculously escaped through swimming to safety in the lake while holding its grey cheeks above the surface.[2]

The lake's shape is often thought to resemble that of Australia, which has led to some guidebooks calling it Lake Australia instead of its Welsh name.[1][2] This has been criticised by Welsh comedian Tudur Owen as "erasing history".[2]


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