Llyn Dulyn

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Llyn Dulyn
Llyn Dulyn - geograph.org.uk - 84859.jpg
LocationSnowdonia, North Wales
Coordinates53°10′49″N 3°56′45″W / 53.18028°N 3.94583°W / 53.18028; -3.94583Coordinates: 53°10′49″N 3°56′45″W / 53.18028°N 3.94583°W / 53.18028; -3.94583
Typenatural lake, reservoir
Primary outflowsAfon Dulyn
Basin countriesUnited Kingdom
Surface area33 acres (13 ha)
Max. depth189 ft (58 m)

Llyn Dulyn (Welsh: Black lake) is a lake on the edge of the Carneddau range of mountains in Snowdonia, North Wales.

The lake covers an area of only 33 acres (130,000 m2), yet is extremely deep - it reaches to a depth of 189 feet (58 metres). Less than a kilometre to its south lies the smaller Llyn Melynllyn.

Cliffs rise steeply from the lake edge up to the summits of Garnedd Uchaf and Foel Grach, giving it a dark brooding appearance - hence its name.

The lake has a dam, originally built in 1881, to increase its water capacity, but it has been altered several times since. As a reservoir Dulyn (along with Melynllyn) provides water for the town of Llandudno. The pipes cross the River Conwy at Tal-y-Cafn bridge.

The outflow from the lake is called Afon Dulyn, and this stream also feeds water into neighbouring Llyn Eigiau. Afon Dulyn flows north-east, passing Tal-y-bont before joining the River Conwy.

In June 1284 the lake was the setting for the court of King Edward I of England for victory celebrations, following his defeat of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, with an Arthurian theme, including the King’s 45th Birthday[1]

A number of superstitions are connected with the cwm, which has also been the site of a number of aeroplane crashes.[2]

In 1944 an American Dakota aircraft crashed into the cliffs above the lake killing all four crew.[3]


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