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Llysdinam is a hamlet located to the west and near to the Welsh town of Llandrindod Wells in Powys


The Llysdinam estate and hamlet were created by the Venables family around their Llysdinam House, in Newbridge-on-Wye, then in Breconshire. The estate passed through the family, including: Richard Venables (1774-1858), archdeacon of Carmarthen and vicar of Clyro from 1811-1846; and Richard Lister Venables (1809–94), vicar of Clyro and Bettws Clyro. Following the marriage of Katherine Minna (b. 1870) and Sir Charles Dillwyn-Venables-Llewellyn, 2nd Baronet, in 1893, the estate was added to the Penllergare and Ynis-y-gerwn estates in Glamorgan, already held by the Dillwyn-Llewelyn family.[1]

From 1911, Sir Charles erected a series of bird nest boxes on the estate, which today number around 1000. In the 1960s, Sir Michael Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn, the Lord Lieutenant of Radnorshire, formed both the educational Llysdinam Trust and the local county wildlife trust to preserve the estate.


After the establishment of the trust, Cardiff University were approached to start a field centre within the estate's grounds[2] but as of 2010 is pending closure [3]

In November 2010, the field centre recorded a low temperature of -18.0C, Wales's coldest November night on record.[4]


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Coordinates: 52°12′58″N 3°27′07″W / 52.216°N 3.452°W / 52.216; -3.452