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Llysse Smith Wylle
Born(1971-07-00)July , 1971
Occupationauthor & poet

Llysse Smith Wylle, is an American author and poet who focuses on esotericism and magic. She is married and lives in Cairo, West Virginia.[1]

Wylle first began to develop an interest in Neopaganism around 1993, and practised Wicca from 2000. A Third Circle member of the Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca, she is also the co-ordinator for its First Circle teaching program.[2]

Her first book The Art of Magic Words, focused "on spell poetry and magickal prose", and offered compositional techniques for the creation of effective liturgy and ritual. It has been noted for its unconventional use of a Creative Commons licence for the use of its included Grimoire.[3]


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  • Wicca 334: Further Advanced Topics in Wiccan Belief (2008) - Kaatryn MacMorgan-Douglas, with Llysse Smith Wylle, Covenstead Press ISBN 978-0-615-17536-2


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