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Loïc is a male personal forename chiefly used in France and French-speaking countries.


There is some disagreement about the origin of the name. A commonly held view in France (especially amongst non-Breton speaking Bretons) is that it is the Breton form of the name Louis. However, Breton speakers point out that "ic" is a diminutive, thus "Little Lo" makes no sense in the Breton language. A more informed origin is that it actually is "the old Provençal form of Louis",[citation needed] in which case it means "Famed Warrior".[1] A second, less well accepted explanation of the origin of the name is that its source is "Loukas", a Greek name meaning "One from Lucania". This would group the name with other names that have this root, such as Luke, Luc and Lucas.[2]

Notable people named Loïc[edit]


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