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Loïc Le Meur
Loïc Le Meur at the 2014 LeWeb Conference.jpg
Le Meur at the 2014 LeWeb Conference
Born (1972-07-14) 14 July 1972 (age 50)
Alma materHEC Paris
OccupationEntrepreneur, blogger

Loïc Le Meur (born 14 July 1972) is a French entrepreneur and blogger. He served as Executive Vice President EMEA at software company Six Apart after merging French blogging company Ublog with Six Apart in July 2004.[1] In late 2006 Le Meur became a public backer of French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and joined Sarkozy's campaign team as an advisor on Internet-related topics.[2][3]


In 1996, Loïc Le Meur founded his first company, interactive agency B2L.[citation needed]

He also founded RapidSite France with his wife [4] a web hosting company for small businesses in France.[5] In 1999, he sold RapidSite to France Télécom where it became part of Wanadoo.[6]

In 2000, he founded application service provider Tekora.[5]

In 2003, he got involved with French weblog hosting company Ublog which he purchased from its founder, fellow Breton Stéphane Le Solliec in October 2003.[7] He then grew Ublog and merged the company with Six Apart where he became Executive Vice President in 2004.[8] He held his role as EVP EMEA until March 2007 when he handed his job over to long-time business partner Olivier Creiche. Le Meur remains Honorary Chair of Six Apart Europe.[9]

In 2015, he founded leade.rs, a platform for keynote speakers.[citation needed] In 2019, leade.rs was acquired by Animoca. Le Meur joined Animoca as a venture partner to assist in growth and expansion opportunities.[10]

Blogging & LeWeb[edit]

In 2004 Le Meur became part of the team behind the official World Economic Forum blog.[11]

Since 2004, he co-founded and organized a conference focused on blogging and the web world with Géraldine Le Meur, his wife until recently.[12] In December 2006, he managed to get Shimon Peres, Nicolas Sarkozy, and French politician François Bayrou on stage at LeWeb '03.[13] More than 2,600 people from 60 different countries came in 2010.[14] About 3200 came for the 2014 session '14 [15]


In 2007, Le Meur moved to San Francisco to launch a new startup named Seesmic.[16]

Seesmic was initially focused on the creation of an online community of video bloggers. Following the 2008 economic crisis Seesmic's became a social media client company. In January 2010, Seesmic acquired Ping.fm [17] and allowed its users to update simultaneously more than 50 different social media statuses. In February 2011, Seesmic received funding from Salesforce.com and Softbank, bringing total funding to $16 million.[18] In September 2012, Seesmic was acquired by HootSuite.[19][20]


  • Blogs pour les pros by Loïc Le Meur and Laurence Beauvais, Dunod ISBN 2-10-049395-7, November 2005
  • La révolution podcast by Loïc Le Meur and Laurence Beauvais, Dunod ISBN 2-10-050059-7, September 2006.

On social media[edit]

  • On December 11, 2016, Le Meur shared his concern about Tesla Motors drivers using charging slots as parking space on Twitter. Elon Musk immediately took action and fixed the issue within 6 days.[21][22]


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