Lo-Toga language

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Native to Vanuatu
Region Torres Islands
Native speakers
580 (2012)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 lht
Glottolog loto1240[2]

Lo-Toga is an Oceanic language spoken on the Torres Islands of Vanuatu.[3]

Situation and dialects[edit]

Its 580 speakers live mostly in Lo and Toga, the two main islands in the southern half of the Torres group. The same language is also spoken by the small populations of the two other islands of Linua and Tegua.

Lo-Toga is itself divided into two very close dialects, Lo (spoken on Lo island) and Toga (spoken on Toga). The name Toga has been used sometimes to refer to the whole language of Lo-Toga. Conversely, Lo-Toga is a distinct language from the other language of the Torres group, Hiw.


The Lo dialect of Lo-Toga has 13 phonemic vowels. These include 8 monophthongs /i e ɛ a ə ɔ o ʉ/, and five diphthongs /i͡e i͡ɛ i͡a o͡ə o͡ɔ/.[4]


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