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Lo Faber (born May 20, 1966 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania) is a musician and who founded the influential New York City jam band God Street Wine. Faber was the creative center of the band and wrote or co-wrote most of the songs with Aaron Maxwell, with whom he shared vocal duties.

His mother Ellen Faber played in a bluegrass band when he was young and he recalls that his mother's band "rehearsed directly under my bedroom and I remember many night when I couldn't sleep all night for listening to them practicing their harmonies and learning new tunes."[1] He grew up in rural Belle Mead, New Jersey and in high school began by playing the bass and later the guitar in several bands around Princeton, New Jersey with future God Street Wine drummer Tom Osander.[1] One band, Aid To The Choking Victim, briefly included Blues Traveler bass player Bobby Sheehan.[2]

For a time in the mid 80's after graduating high school he worked for the family business, the Eberhard Faber GmbH pencil company, but was "pretty miserable wearing a suit and selling pencils" and by 1986 he'd enrolled at the Manhattan School of Music to study jazz with future God Street Wine bassist Dan Pifer.[1] By 1991 the band had built a large following playing clubs in New York City such as The Wetlands Preserve and Nightingales bar, and in 1992 began what would become several years of touring and recording.[2]

God Street Wine broke up in 1999 and Faber has since developed solo projects which include the rock musicals Henry's House (2001) and Friday Night Freakshow (2003).[3] Soon after writing Henry's House he toured for a year with members of the Ominous Seapods as the Lo Faber Band playing material from Henry's House and God Street Wine.[4] On July 9 and 10 of 2010 God Street Wine reunited its original lineup for two shows at New York's Gramercy Theatre. The concerts were a benefit for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.[5] Faber pursued a Ph.D in early 19th-century American History at Princeton University.[6] After earning his doctorate in 2012, he became a Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Loyola University New Orleans.[7] As of Spring 2015, Faber is now the main professor of Loyola's Music Industry Department for the Intro to Music Industry courses.


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