Lo Fine

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Lo Fine
Years active 1998-present
Labels Natural Disaster, Pigeon, self-released
Associated acts Spouse, Scud Mountain Boys, The Figments, Mark Mulcahy, The Malarkies, New Radiant Storm King, Delvic
Website lofine.com
Members Kevin O'Rourke, Mark Schwaber, Thane Thomsen, Brian Marchese, Bruce Tull, José Ayerve, Matt Sutton, Peyton Pinkerton, Nina Violet, Cara Morse.

Lo Fine is an indie rock band, and recording project, started in Northampton, Massachusetts by singer/songwriter Kevin O'Rourke in 1998. Although primarily the work of singer and multi-instrumentalist O'Rourke,[1] his longtime collaborators include musicians Brian Marchese (drums), Thane Thomsen (bass), and Mark Schwaber (guitar), as well as Bruce Tull (guitar/pedal steel) of the Scud Mountain Boys,[1] and José Ayerve.[2] They have released two full length albums, and three EPs, notably incorporating home recordings with studio tracks on their early releases.[3] The music is noted for its slow pace, quiet volume, and poetic lyrics,[4] as well as being described as meditative, gentle, and melancholy.[5][6]

O'Rourke's vocals and approach have drawn comparisons to Matthew Sweet,[7]Vic Chesnutt, as well as Will Oldham,[8] Mark Kozelek, Built to Spill's Doug Martsch and Centro-Matic's Will Johnson.[9][10][11]



  • lo fine (self-released, 1999)
  • Slow to a Crawl EP (Pigeon, 2002)
  • Migraine Errata EP (Unreleased & B-Sides 2001-2006) (West Main Development, 2007)


  • Nine (Natural Disaster, 2001)
  • Not For Us Two (Pigeon, 2007)
  • Want is a Great Need (ASR, 2013)



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