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Lo Recordings
Founded 1995
Founder Jon Tye
Country of origin UK
Location Shoreditch, London
Official website http://www.lorecordings.com

Lo Recordings is a label founded in 1995 by Jon Tye. They are noted for their strong visual style thanks to Non-Format, with whom they work very closely and won a D&AD award for several of their releases sleeves.[1]

Musical style[edit]

Lo recordings mainly specialize in left-field electronic music [2] with artists such as Grimes, Black Devil and Susumu Yokota, Fischerspooner amongst many others. This is reflected in the company's motto that reads "Lo Recordings - Provider of quality esoteric music since 1995".[3]

Along with electronic music Lo Recordings has also been known to release various other genres. This is exemplified by bands such as The Chap who have three albums on Lo with one forthcoming expected in mid-2012.[4]

Recently Lo have developed two new labels: Loaf,[5] for new artists and Loeb, for vinyl 12’s. There is a sister company Hub 100 Publishing ltd and in the last few years have developed a production music library imprint called Lo Editions in conjunction with BMGZomba production music.

Lo recordings also runs Lo & Behold, a shop and Creative Space in London showcasing a diverse selection of exhibitions, installations and one off events.[6]


Lo Recordings has worked with many artists and has over 70 releases spread over three sub-labels. These include many full albums and compilations. Some of the artists associated with Lo Recordings are:

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