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Industry Software
Founded 2009
Headquarters Boulder, Colorado, U.S.
Products Software Performance testing
Website loader.io

loader.io is a cloud-based load and scalability testing service SaaS that allows developers to test their web applications and API with thousands of concurrent connections.


Loader.io is a cloud-based load testing service[1] for developers to test performance and scalability with their web applications and APIs.[2][3]

It provides simple cloud-based load testing:[4]

  • Load testing for web applications and APIs for performance and scalability[5][3]
  • Integration with PaaS providers, continuous integration tools, and browsers
  • Allows testing up to 50,000 concurrent connections for free[6]
  • It is cloud-based so it is a no install solution and immediately available for developers to test.[3]

It was born out of SendGrid Labs in late 2012.[7]

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