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Lobini was a Brazilian automobile manufacturer. The company produces a sports car called the H1 which uses Audi engines and fiberglass bodies produced by fellow Brazilian sports car manufacturer Chamonix.

Lobini, named after founders José Orlando Lobo & Fábio Birolini, was a project created in 1999 aimed at developing the best Brazilian sports car with a technology to be compared with the international vehicles of the same category.

The Lobini H1 was a success in "Salão do Automóvel 2002". The company has recently shipped one of its cars to England, and it has been working with Lotus for the technical validation of Lobini in Europe.[1]

Lobini, which was in 2006 bought by Brax Automóveis, has presented the new 2007 Lobini H1 at the "Salão do Automóvel 2006". The car has a removable hard-top roof, redesigned front with new headlights and an aerodynamic kit which makes it a very appealing sports car. On the inside the Lobini H1 comes with leather seats available in light gray, dark gray or black.[1]

Lobini H1 cost 170,000 BRL (~ $90,000) and comes standard with a roll-over bar, sound system, air conditioning, electric windows and adjustable seats and steering wheel. Optional equipment include: Xenon headlights, GPS, DVD, parking sensor, tire pressure alarm and personalized colors.[1]

Lobini was formerly distributed in the UK by Lifestyle Automotive Ltd.


Lobini H1
Year Production (units)
2000[a] 1
2001 0
2002[a] 1
2003[a] 1
2004 0
2005 ?
2006 ?
2007 17
2008 7
2009 5
2010 11
2011 27
Total 69
  • a.^ As production figures do not include 3 prototypes.


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