Lobo Theater

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Lobo Theater

The Lobo Theater is the oldest standing movie theater located along historic Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the United States of America. It was built in 1939, and closed its doors as a movie theater in 2001.

It then became City on a Hill church, and transitioned to a campus of Mars Hill Church in Seattle in the Fall of 2009.

It was the primary setting for the 2002 independent film Collecting Rooftops, which started being filmed while the theater was under Bobby (Robert) McMullan's operation and finished its filming, in the theater, by the generosity of Amon Re (musician).


Coordinates: 35°4′51.2″N 106°36′40.9″W / 35.080889°N 106.611361°W / 35.080889; -106.611361