Lobster Quadrille

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For Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, see Alice's Adventures in Wonderland § Lobster Quadrille.
"Lobster Quadrille"
The Avengers episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 26
Directed by Kim Mills
Written by Richard Lucas
Produced by John Bryce
Featured music Laurie Johnson
John Dankworth (theme)
Production code 3-26
Original air date 21 March 1964 (1964-03-21)
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Esprit de Corps"
Next →
"The Town of No Return"
List of The Avengers episodes

Lobster Quadrille is the twenty-sixth episode of the third series of the 1960s cult British spy-fi television series The Avengers, starring Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman. It originally aired on ABC on 21 March 1964. The episode was directed by Kim Mills and written by Richard Lucas.[1]


Steed and Cathy investigate an illegal drug smuggling operation.[2]


Episode notes[edit]

  • This is Honor Blackman's last episode and the final appearance of Cathy Gale. Blackman's forthcoming appearance in the Bond film Goldfinger, is alluded when Cathy remarks to Steed she is going 'Pussyfooting'.
  • This is the final episode in the series to be recorded on videotape. From series 4–6 and continuing into The New Avengers, The Avengers would be recorded on film.
  • Lobster Quadrille would be the last time the original Avengers theme, composed by Johnny Dankworth would be used. Laurie Johnson composed a new theme tune for series 4 and onwards. Johnson would remain as primary composer for the sequel series, The New Avengers.


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