Lobt ihn mit Herz und Munde, BWV 220

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Lobt ihn mit Herz und Munde (Praise him with heart and voice), BWV 220, is a church cantata by an unknown composer, formerly attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach.[1]

History and text[edit]

The cantata was written for the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. It derives from a chorale by Ludwig Humbold [scores] and from Isaiah 61:10.

Scoring and structure[edit]

The piece is scored for alto, tenor and bass soloists, four-part choir, flauto traverso, two oboes, two violins, viola and basso continuo.

It has five movements:

  1. Chorale: Lobt ihn Herz und Munde
  2. Aria (tenor): So preiset den Höchsten, den König des Himmels
  3. Recitative (bass): Auf Gottes Preis muss alle Freude zielen
  4. Aria (alto): Sich in Gott und Jesu freuen
  5. Chorus: Ich freue mich im Herrn


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