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Lobuche East
Lobuche from Lobuche alp.jpg
Lobuche East as viewed from Lobuche Alps
Highest point
Elevation 6,119 m (20,075 ft) (Lobuche East)[1]
Prominence 275 metres (902 ft)
Coordinates 27°57′34.2″N 86°47′23.8″E / 27.959500°N 86.789944°E / 27.959500; 86.789944Coordinates: 27°57′34.2″N 86°47′23.8″E / 27.959500°N 86.789944°E / 27.959500; 86.789944
Lobuche East is located in Nepal
Lobuche East
Lobuche East
Location in Nepal
Location Khumbu, Nepal
Parent range Himalayas
First ascent April 25, 1984
Easiest route Scramble/Rock/Snow Climb

Lobuche (also spelt Lobuje) is a Nepalese mountain which lies close to the Khumbu Glacier and the settlement of Lobuche. There are two main peaks, Lobuche Far East and Lobuche East (often mistaken for Lobuche West which is a separate mountain further west). At 6,145 metres (20,161 ft), Lobuche East is 26 metres (85 ft) higher. Between the two peaks is a long deeply notched ridge.[2][1]

The first recorded ascent of Lobuche East was made by Laurence Nielson and Sherpa Ang Gyalzen on April 25, 1984.[1]

From Gokyo Ri[edit]

Annotated image of Everest and surroundings as seen from Gokyo Ri.


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