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Local may refer to:

Geography and transportation[edit]

  • Local (train), a train serving local traffic demand
  • Local government, a form of public administration, usually the lowest tier of administration
  • Local, Missouri, a community in the United States
  • Local news, coverage of events in a local context which would not normally be of interest to those of other localities
  • Local union, a locally based trade union organization which forms part of a larger union

Life sciences and health care[edit]

  • Local anesthesia, any technique to induce the absence of sensation in part of the body
  • Local disease (localized disease), disease confined to an area of the body (rather than systemic)



  • Local class field theory, the study of abelian extensions of local fields
  • Local field, a special type of field that is a locally compact topological field with respect to a non-discrete topology
  • Local-global principle, idea that one can find an integer solution to an equation using the Chinese remainder theorem
  • Local martingale, a type of stochastic process, satisfying the localized version of the martingale property
  • Local property, property which occurs on sufficiently small or arbitrarily small neighborhoods of points
  • Local ring, the branch of commutative algebra that studies local rings and their modules
  • Local symbol (disambiguation), uses in various subfields of mathematics
  • Local zeta-function, a function whose logarithmic derivative is a generating function for the number of solutions of a set of equations defined over a finite field

Media and publishing[edit]

  • Local (novel), a 2001 novel written by Jaideep Varma
  • Local (comics), a twelve-part Oni Press comic book limited series written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Ryan Kelly
  • Local TV LLC, a television broadcasting company which operates 20 television stations in the United States
  • The Local, English-language news websites in several European countries
  • The Local (film), a 2008 action-drama film

Other uses[edit]

  • Pub, a drinking establishment, known as a "local" to its regulars

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