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Local Insight Yellow Pages, Inc.
Subsidiary of Local Insight Regatta Holdings
Industry Telephone directory
Successor The Berry Company
Founded 1984
Defunct 2009
Products Print Yellow Pages and Online Yellow Pages ads
Parent Alltel (1984-2006)
Windstream (2006-2007)
Local Insight Media Holdings (2007-2009)

Local Insight Yellow Pages, Inc. was the official directory publishing agent of Windstream Communications. It was founded in 1984 as Alltel Publishing Corporation.

Windstream Yellow Pages publishes directories for former Alltel wireline, as well as directories for TDS Telecom and KLM Telephone customers, as well numerous smaller independent telephone companies. In 99% of the markets, the telephone directory published by Windstream Yellow Pages is for the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) and is not a competing overlay directory.

Windstream was spun off to a company named Windstream Regatta Holdings, Inc., a company owned by Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe. Upon completion of the purchase, Windstream Regatta was renamed Local Insight Regatta Holdings and Windstream Yellow Pages, Inc. was renamed Local Insight Yellow Pages. In 2007, LIR Holdings acquired CBD Media, the former advertising & publishing division of Cincinnati Bell.

In July 2009, Local Insight Regatta Holdings merged Local Insight Yellow Pages into The Berry Company, which it had acquired from AT&T.[1]


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