Local Kung Fu

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Local Kung Fu
Local Kong Fu
Directed by Kenny Basumatary
Produced by Durlov Baruah
Written by Kenny Basumatary
Music by
  • Tony
  • Utkarsh Dhotekar
  • Diganta Gogoi
Release date
  • 27 September 2013 (2013-09-27)
Running time
83 Minutes
Country India
Language Assamese
Budget ~10,000 Dollars[1]

Local Kung Fu is an Assamese Kung fu comedy film directed by Kenny Basumatary and the second Assamese film to have a nationwide release. It has also been dubbed as India’s first Kung fu film. The plot revolves around Charlie, "an ordinary boy from Guwahati with a delicate stomach", his girlfriend and a number of madcap characters.[1][2]


Charlie is living with his uncle and cousin, Johnny, in Guwahati. He had shifted from Tezpur, due to his girlfriend, Sumi, being sent away to Guwahati in an attempt by her father to keep them apart. Sumi is living with her uncle and aunt.

Charlie arrives at Sumi's house and introduces himself as Montu (a potential future husband of Sumi, whom Sumi had chased away earlier) to her uncle: Bhobananda Das. A local group of goons, headed by Dullu, intend to open a Liquor shop, but Bhobananda Das, an Excise Inspector, declines to give them the license required to open a liquor shop, due to the location being in front of a Pre-school institute. The gang tries to bribe him, but Das refuses. The gang find a clue of another gang, headed by rival goon Barua, bribing Das. Koku tries to cough up information from Barua, but it turns out that Das had declined Barua's bribes as well, and tells that Das is incorruptible and stubborn. The gang resorts to threatening his family. When they threaten Sumi, Charlie intervenes. In retaliation, Dullu and his gang beat up and injure Charlie.

On the other hand, Charlie's cousin, Johnny, is being spoiled by his two friends, Bonzo and KK by peer pressuring him into consuming Alcohol and Tobacco. Charlie fnds out about Johnny intoxication and decides to inform and complain to Bonzo and KK's parents.. In a twist, Bonzo and KK have no parents and their brother/foster parent turns out to be Dullu. Dullu is amused at finding Charlie at his house, whom he had encountered before in a fight. Nonetheless, he allows Charlie to explain the purpose of his visit. Upon learning his brothers' actions, Dullu gets furious at his brothers and spanks them with a stick. Charlie bumps into Bhobananda Das and Montu. Bhobananda find out the truth and reprimand both Charlie and Montu. Charlie make amends with Sumi uncle.

Bonzo and KK tries to get revenge from Charlie, but get beaten up themselves. In return, Dullu challenges Charlie to a fight. Charlie sets the term that if he wins, Dullu and his gang will stop interfering into his and Sumi's lives. Koku agrees stating his term that if Charlie loses, he will leave Guwahati forever. In preparation for the fight, Charlie begins to learn Wing Chun and Taekwondo under the tutelage of his uncle. In the final showdown, Charlie manages to defeat Dullu, thus ending their feud.


  • Kenny Basumatary as Charlie.
  • Sangeeta Nair as Sumi Das.
  • Utkal Hazowary as Dullu
  • Kabindra Dass as Bhobananda Das.
  • Bonny Deori as Bonzo.
  • Johnny Deori as Johnny.
  • Ronnie Deori as KK.
  • Bibhash Singha as Tansen
  • Amar Singha Deori as Charlie uncle.
  • Tony Deori Basumatary as Montu.



Local Kung Fu has been nominated for best Assamese film in the inaugural Filmfare awards for the Eastern region. Kenny was nominated for best director.


Local Kung Fu 2 was released on 19 April 2017.[3]


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