Local councils of Malta

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Local councils of Malta
Kunsilli lokali ta' Malta (Maltese)
Malta - administrative division.svg
Category Unitary state
Location Republic of Malta
Number 68 Local Councils
Populations 294 (Mdina) – 22,319 (Birkirkara)
Areas 1.3 km2 (0.5 sq mi) (Pietà) – 27 km2 (10.3 sq mi) (Rabat)
Government Local council government, National government
Subdivisions Local Community Council
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Since 1993, Malta has been subdivided into 68 local councils, Maltese: kunsilli lokali, meaning municipalities or borough. These form the most basic form of local government and there are no intermediate levels between it and the national level. The levels of the 6 districts (5 on the main island) and of the 3 regions (2 on the main island) serve statistical purposes.

List of Maltese local councils[edit]

List of Maltese local communities councils[edit]

These local community committees are going to operate from the beginning of July 2010, the Maltese Elections of Committees for Communities 2010 was held on Saturday March 27, in these hamlets:

In June 2010 were held also the elections for the local community committees, in these hamlets:

All elections in these hamlets took place on the same day in the 2014 hamlet elections.

Other recognised hamlets without a local community committee[edit]

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