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Map of LGAs

This is a list of local government areas (LGAs) in Queensland, sorted by region. For the history and responsibilities of local government in that state, see Local government in Queensland.

LGAs sorted by region[edit]

Brisbane, City ofCity of Brisbane Brisbane South East Queensland 1924 1,367 956,129 Capital city of Queensland

Administers the central portion of the South East Queensland agglomeration
Amalgamation of cities of Brisbane and South Brisbane, towns of Hamilton, Ithaca, Sandgate, Toowong, Windsor and Wynnum, and shires of Balmoral, Belmont, Coorparoo, Enoggera, Kedron, Moggill, Sherwood, Stephens, Taringa, Tingalpa (part of), Toombul and Yeerongpilly (part of).

Shire of Noosa Tewantin South East Queensland 2014 868.7 km2 56,151 The Shire of Noosa is a local government area about 130 kilometres (81 mi) north of Brisbane in the Sunshine Coast region of South East Queensland, Australia. The shire covered an area of 868.7 square kilometres (335.4 sq mi), and existed as a local government entity from 1910 until 2008, when it amalgamated with the Shire of Maroochy and City of Caloundra to form the Sunshine Coast Region.

In 2013, residents voted to leave the amalgamated Sunshine Coast Region. On 9 November 2013 an election resulted in Noel Playford being elected to take office on 1 January 2014 with the new council.[2]

Noosa LGA Qld.png
Gold Coast City, Gold Coast City Surfers Paradise South East Queensland 1948 1,358 455,419 SEQ-Councils-GoldCoast.png
Ipswich, City ofCity of Ipswich Ipswich South East Queensland 1860 1,089 142,525 SEQ-Councils-Ipswich.png
Lockyer Valley Region, Lockyer Valley Region Gatton South East Queensland 2008 2,273 31,138 Lockyer valley LGA Qld 2008.png
Logan City, Logan City Logan Central South East Queensland 1978 913 253,864 SEQ-Councils-Logan.png
Moreton Bay Region, Moreton Bay Region Caboolture South East Queensland 2008 2,011 337,846 Amalgamation of City of Redcliffe and the shires of Pine Rivers and Caboolture. Moreton bay LGA Qld 2008.png
Redland City, Redland City Cleveland South East Queensland 1949 537 126,964 SEQ-Councils-Redland.png
Scenic Rim Region, Scenic Rim Region Beaudesert South East Queensland 2008 4,256 34,659 Scenic rim LGA Qld 2008.png
Somerset Region, Somerset Region Esk South East Queensland 2008 5,379 19,291 Somerset LGA Qld 2008.png
Sunshine Coast Region, Sunshine Coast Region Nambour South East Queensland 3,126 290,026 Sunshine coast LGA Qld 2008.png
Banana, Shire ofShire of Banana Biloela Wide Bay-Burnett 1879 28,577 15,773 Banana LGA Qld 2008.png
Bundaberg Region, Bundaberg Region Bundaberg Wide Bay-Burnett 2008 6,451 86,364 Bundaberg Regional LGA Qld.png
Cherbourg, Aboriginal Shire ofAboriginal Shire of Cherbourg Cherbourg Wide Bay-Burnett 1986 32 1,250
Fraser Coast Region, Fraser Coast Region Hervey Bay Wide Bay-Burnett 2008 7,125 86,747 Fraser coast LGA Qld 2008.png
Gympie Region, Gympie Region Gympie Wide Bay-Burnett 2008 6,898 42,820 On 15 March 2008, the Shire of Cooloola merged with the Shire of Kilkivan and Division 3 (Theebine/Gunalda areas) of Shire of Tiaro to form the Gympie Region.[1] Gympie LGA Qld 2008.png
North Burnett Region, North Burnett Region Gayndah Wide Bay-Burnett 2008 19,708 10,668 North burnett LGA Qld 2008.png
South Burnett Region, South Burnett Region Kingaroy Wide Bay-Burnett 2008 8,399 29,734 South burnett LGA Qld 2008.png
Goondiwindi Region, Goondiwindi Region Goondiwindi Darling Downs 2008 19,294 10,720 Goondiwindi LGA Qld 2008.png
Southern Downs Region, Southern Downs Region Warwick Darling Downs 2008 7,120 32,610 Southern downs LGA Qld 2008.png
Toowoomba Region, Toowoomba Region Toowoomba Darling Downs 2008 12,973 151,283 Toowoomba LGA Qld 2008.png
Western Downs Region, Western Downs Region Dalby Darling Downs 2008 38,039 30,018 2008 Amalgamation of Town of Dalby, Shire of Chinchilla, Shire of Murilla, Shire of Tara, Shire of Wambo and Division 2 of Shire of Taroom to form the Dalby Region. Renamed Western Downs Region in August 2009. Dalby LGA Qld 2008.png
Central Highlands Region, Central Highlands Region Emerald Central Queensland 2008 59,884 26,824 Central highlands LGA Qld 2008.png
Gladstone Region, Gladstone Region Gladstone Central Queensland 2008 10,488 51,351 Gladstone LGA Qld 2008.png
Isaac Region, Isaac Region Moranbah Central Queensland 2008 58,862 20,443 Isaac LGA Qld 2008.png
Mackay Region, Mackay Region Mackay Central Queensland 2008 7,621 100,260 Mackay LGA Qld 2008.png
Rockhampton Region, Rockhampton Region Rockhampton Central Queensland 2008 18,361 103,297 Rockhampton LGA Qld 2008.png
Shire of Livingstone Yeppoon Central Queensland 2014 Re-established in 2014 after being de-amalgamated from Rockhampton Region Livingstone LGA Qld.png
Woorabinda, Aboriginal Shire ofAboriginal Shire of Woorabinda Woorabinda Central Queensland 1986 391 1,035
Burdekin, Shire ofShire of Burdekin Ayr North Queensland 1888 5,052 17,020 Burdekin LGA Qld 2008.png
Charters Towers Region, Charters Towers Region Charters Towers North Queensland 2008 68,388 12,280 Charters towers LGA Qld 2008.png
Hinchinbrook, Shire ofShire of Hinchinbrook Ingham North Queensland 1879 2,811 12,260 Hinchinbrook LGA Qld 2008.png
Palm Island, Aboriginal Shire ofAboriginal Shire of Palm Island Palm Island North Queensland 1986 71 1,984 Palm island LGA Qld.png
Townsville, City ofCity of Townsville Townsville North Queensland 2008 3,733 164,008 Townsville LGA Qld 2008.png
Whitsunday Region, Whitsunday Region Bowen North Queensland 2008 23,856 30,719 Whitsunday LGA Qld 2008.png
Aurukun, Shire ofShire of Aurukun Aurukun Far North Queensland 1978 7,375 1,044 Aurukun LGA Qld.png
Cairns Region, Cairns Region Cairns Far North Queensland 2008 4,128 142,723 Cairns regional LGA Qld.png
Shire of Mareeba Mareeba Far North Queensland 2014 De-amalgamated from Tablelands Region in 2014. Mareeba LGA Qld.png
Cassowary Coast Region, Cassowary Coast Region Innisfail Far North Queensland 2008 4,701 30,843 Cassowary coast LGA Qld.png
Cook, Shire ofShire of Cook Cooktown Far North Queensland 1919 106,188 3,464 Cook LGA Qld.png
Hopevale, Hopevale Hopevale Far North Queensland 1986 1,118 914
Kowanyama, Aboriginal Shire ofAboriginal Shire of Kowanyama Kowanyama Far North Queensland 1987 2,576 1,021 Kowanyama LGA Qld.png
Lockhart River, Lockhart River Lockhart River Far North Queensland 1987 3,545 642
Mapoon Aboriginal Shire, Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Mapoon Far North Queensland 2002 530 214
Napranum Aboriginal Shire, Napranum Aboriginal Shire Napranum Far North Queensland 1989 1,995 813
Northern Peninsula Area Region, Northern Peninsula Area Region Bamaga Far North Queensland 2008 1,030 2,175
Pormpuraaw, Aboriginal Shire ofAboriginal Shire of Pormpuraaw Pormpuraaw Far North Queensland 1987 4,433 600 Pormpuraaw LGA Qld.png
Tablelands Region, Tablelands Region Malanda Far North Queensland 2008 64,999 42,145 Tablelands LGA Qld 2008.png
Shire of Douglas Mossman Far North Queensland 2014 De-amalgamated from Tablelands Region in 2014 Douglas LGA Qld.png
Torres, Shire ofShire of Torres Thursday Island Far North Queensland 1974 886 3,233
Torres Strait Island Region, Torres Strait Island Region Thursday Island Far North Queensland 2008 489 4,434
Weipa, Weipa Weipa Far North Queensland 1963 10.9 2,830 Administered under own Act by Rio Tinto Alcan
Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire, Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Wujal Wujal Far North Queensland 1987 11 379
Yarrabah, Aboriginal Shire ofAboriginal Shire of Yarrabah Yarrabah Far North Queensland 1986 158 2,322 Yarrabah LGA Qld.png
Burke, Shire ofShire of Burke Burketown North West 1885 40,126 481 Burke LGA Qld.png
Carpentaria, Shire ofShire of Carpentaria Normanton North West 1883 64,373 2,290 Carpentaria LGA Qld.png
Cloncurry, Shire ofShire of Cloncurry Cloncurry North West 1884 48,113 3,834 Cloncurry LGA Qld.png
Croydon, Shire ofShire of Croydon Croydon North West 1887 29,578 319 Croydon LGA Qld.png
Doomadgee, Aboriginal Shire ofAboriginal Shire of Doomadgee Doomadgee North West 1987 1,862 1,236 Doomadgee LGA Qld.png
Etheridge, Shire ofShire of Etheridge Georgetown North West 1882 39,332 851 Etheridge LGA Qld.png
Flinders, Shire ofShire of Flinders Hughenden North West 1882 41,538 1,974 Flinders LGA Qld.png
McKinlay, Shire ofShire of McKinlay Julia Creek North West 1891 40,880 1,013 Mckinlay LGA Qld.png
Mornington, Shire ofShire of Mornington Gununa North West 1978 1,232 1,044
Mount Isa, City ofCity of Mount Isa Mount Isa North West 1914 43,349 21,201 Mount isa LGA Qld.png
Richmond, Shire ofShire of Richmond Richmond North West 1910 26,602 1,148 Richmond LGA Qld.png
Barcaldine Region, Barcaldine Region Barcaldine Central West 2008 53,677 3,503 Barcaldine Regional Council LGA Qld.png
Barcoo, Shire ofShire of Barcoo Jundah Central West 1885 62,001 450 Barcoo LGA Qld.png
Blackall-Tambo Region, Blackall-Tambo Region Blackall Central West 2008 30,451 2,069 Blackall-Tambo LGA Qld.png
Boulia, Shire ofShire of Boulia Boulia Central West 1887 61,102 547 Boulia LGA Qld.png
Diamantina, Shire ofShire of Diamantina Bedourie Central West 1879 94,823 304 Diamantina LGA Qld.png
Longreach Region, Longreach Region Longreach Central West 2008 40,638 4,664 Longreach LGA Qld 2008.png
Winton, Shire ofShire of Winton Winton Central West 1886 53,935 1,544 Winton LGA Qld.png
Balonne, Shire ofShire of Balonne St George South West 1883 31,150 5,627 Balonne LGA Qld.png
Bulloo, Shire ofShire of Bulloo Thargomindah South West 1880 73,807 457 Bulloo LGA Qld.png
Maranoa Region, Maranoa Region Roma South West 2008 58,830 12,648 Renamed from Roma in June 2009 Roma LGA Qld 2008.png
Murweh, Shire ofShire of Murweh Charleville South West 1879 40,742 5,026 Murweh LGA Qld.png
Paroo, Shire ofShire of Paroo Cunnamulla South West 1879 47,714 2,114 Paroo LGA Qld.png
Quilpie, Shire ofShire of Quilpie Quilpie South West 1930 67,633 1,049 Quilpie LGA Qld.png

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