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Landfills are common LULUs

In land-use planning, a locally unwanted land use (LULU) is a land use that is useful to society, but objectionable to its neighbors.

LULUs can include power plants, dumps, prisons, roads, factories, hospitals and many other developments. Planning seeks to distribute and reduce the harm of LULUs by zoning, environmental laws, community participation, buffer areas, clustering, dispersing and other such devices. Thus planning tries to protect property and environmental values by finding sites and operating procedures that minimize the LULU’s effects. Another Type of LULU, is a NIMBY, "Not In My Backyard" which is something very needed in a society, but people do not want within a neighborhood or near them at all, such as an airport, electronics dump, or a military base. LULU's have caused issues in society forever, from the coal powered factories of England, to the Landfills of Kentucky, things needed by everyone but unwanted in a residential area. A Classic example of a LULU would have to be the situation experienced in Love Canal where an elementary school and a neighborhood were built on top of a toxic waste dump. LULU's are a complex issue, the planned item is needed for the betterment of society and most people agree upon it, but it would seem negative to the residents near said development. Nuclear power plants are also prime examples of LULU's as they provide benefits to society, but are under constant scrutiny not only from people directly near them, but also those who are a good distance from them. An example of a LULU is the ongoing fight between Glendale Arizona residents and the Tohono O'Odham nation over the building of a New Resort and Casino in the outskirts of Glendale, taking up an empty dump lot, but also attracting gamblers and other sinning that comes along with casinos. LULU is somewhat of a blanket term for a Negatively viewed use of land near residential areas,nit encompasses NIMBY'S, BANANA's and the such. Skull Valley, Utah is a prime example of a LULU it is heavily needed in America as nuclear waste needs to be dumped somewhere safe, and while it is a prime location for a permanent nuclear dump, many people fear it and want to stop it.

LULUs always provide services a community needs, but few people want to live near them because of their externalities, real or perceived.

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