Location Africa

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Location Africa
Location Africa.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Steff Gruber
Produced by Steff Gruber
Written by Steff Gruber
Music by Black Generation (Ghana)
Cinematography Siegfried Meier
Edited by Steff Gruber
Beni Müller
Distributed by Filmcoopi
Release date
Running time
65 minutes
Language English

Location Africa is a 1987 film by Swiss filmmaker Steff Gruber.


During the work of filming Fetish & Dreams Steff Gruber was introduced by his cameraman Rainer Klausmann to the German film director Werner Herzog. In 1987 the latter invited him to follow the filming work as his film Cobra Verde was created in Ghana. Location Africa documents the filming work and last cooperative project of Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski.


Hollywood works in a completely deranged way with an eye to certain ingredients, like a certain star or a certain background. Then you hire five or six screenplay writers in succession. The thing keeps getting rewritten from scratch. It's a system that results in lifeless films.

Werner Herzog in Location Africa



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