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Location independence is a growing trend among technology and knowledge workers. A location independent professional—or digital nomad—utilizes new technology to design a lifestyle that allows them to live and work wherever they want[1]—be it from home, the internet cafe, on the beach, or even from the other side of the world.

Location independent professionals frequently work as freelance writers, photographers, affiliate marketers, traders, web designers, web developers, graphic designers, programmers and often other working holiday jobs such as teaching English (TESOL or TEFL). Sometimes they simply pick up odd jobs as they travel, such as fruit picking or WWOOFing. Minimalism for the sake of light travel is frequently emphasized, but not required.

The blogosphere and prevalence of social media makes it much easier for anyone to share their ideas with a global audience and build a successful business online. With the increasing availability of free and cheap WiFi internet access around the globe, a nomadic, entrepreneurial lifestyle is increasingly possible for people to attain.

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