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The following is a list of the fictional locations that appear on the TVNZ soap opera Shortland Street. Locations are sorted in the list from A-Z and are sorted with the most relevant word to the name such as 'The Apartment Block' being in the 'A' category. Online locations are listed in a separate section at the end.



  • The Bug Bar - A bar that was opened to oppose the IV in late-2010. Sophie found out the owner had a sex offense record and sent it to the newspapers, which resulted in the Bug Bar losing business and eventually shutting down.


  • Callum's flat - A flat Callum McKay moved into in 2011 after leaving his own residence, the flat was opposite the student flat and was a more upmarket flat compared to the student flat.
  • Central Hospital - Only seen a couple of times, one being when Alice Piper was sent there to have her baby, all that was shown was her room and the incubator room. Central Hospital is often referred to during the show. The show gives the impression that Central Hospital as a much larger hospital located near Shortland Street. During 1999 the impression was given that Central was a private hospital, as Shortland Street was at the time, this is due the fact that a partial merger took place between both hospitals. More recently there were plans to turn Shortland Street into a satellite hospital managed by Central.
  • Coltrane - A bar opened in 2004 by Norman Hanson. It was inherited by fiancee Li Mei Chen and manager Jay Copeland after his death in October 2005. The set has since been retired.
  • Cooper family house - The household of Murray, Wendy, Evan and Jasmine Cooper. First appeared in June 2011 and was retired in 2016.


  • Dogs Day Inn - A bar run originally by Geoff Greenlaw. This bar became the new local bar in 2001 after Lionels bar closed down. This bar contained a restaurant and hotel. In 2003 Nick and Waverly took over the Dogs Day Inn after winning the bar in a poker match and were later shocked to find Geoff's body in the freezer.



  • Ferndale - The location in which the show is set. Ferndale has been the setting since the start of the show and is a suburb of Auckland.
  • Ferndale High - The local high school where teenagers on the show have attended.


  • Harrison household - Household of Nick and Jenny Harrison in the 90s. Hone Ropata and Rachel McKenna have lived there at separate occasions.


  • The I.V. Bar - The I.V. is the local bar which has appeared on the show since October 2006. The IV includes a bar, restaurant and accommodation. It is across the road from Shortland Street Hospital and was run by Jay Copeland for 1 year until her death and then by Kieran Mitchell for 3 years until his death and then was in-herited by his wife, Sophie McKay. Murray and Wendy Cooper purchased the bar in 2010 along with Brodie Kemp as their business partner. Due to financial troubles Murray and Wendy later bought out Brodie's share. In 2014 after the bar was damaged by fire and not covered by insurance Murray and Wendy purchased the IV bar building and Dayna Jenkins used her inheritance from the death of her mother to purchase half of the bar. Following the death of Wendy in 2016 Murray decided to leave Ferndale and daughter Bella Durville took over the running of the bar and she later made a decision to sell the bar. Vinnie Kruse, Nicole Miller and Drew McCaskill buy the bar of Bella.
  • I.V. Central - A second I.V. that Kieran bought with business partner Ethan Pierce in Central Auckland in 2008. It was known for its gang involvemelnt and was eventually sold due to little business.


  • Jeffries residence - The house where Yvonne, Ian and their kids lived with the characters coming and going from the residence over 2006 through to 2011. In 2010 Ben Goodall lived there with Yvonne. It only appeared on screen in 2010. It had a small interior but a large back yard.


  • Kennedy's - A bar bought by Declan Kennedy in his wife Carrie's name in 1993. Carrie later sold the bar to Alex McKenna when Declan was imprisoned and then Alex later sold the bar to Jenny Harrison in 1995. Then in 1996, Jenny sold the bar back to Alex McKenna who gave it to her daughter Rachel as a 21st Birthday present. Rachel renamed Kennedy's as the R-Bar soon afterwards.


  • Libby and Geralds house - Libby and Gerald's old house. Oliver Ritchie was a tenant and kept Libby hostage there. After the incident, the pair moved out.
  • Lionels - The name of the bar run by Lionel Skeggins, this was the successor to R-Bar run by Rachel McKenna. Lionels had a 1970s style retro fit and continued to run after Lionel exited the show in 1999 right up until 2001 when the bar was closed down.


  • Matekino - Scotty and Shanti's house. Scene of a murder-suicide, the couple got it cheap. Scotty and Tracy lived there until August 2011. Sarah Potts lived there with her daughter Tillie until 2013. It was then sold by Scotty and Tracy and purchased by Bella and Luke. The set retired when Bella sold the house after Luke's death in 2013.
  • McKay household - Residents have included Andrew Solomon, Claire Solomon, Sarah Potts, Callum McKay, Justine Jones, Hunter McKay, Sophie McKay and Rachel McKenna. Previously the Solomon and the Potts household until it was purchased by the McKay's in 2006. The set retired when Callum moved out in 2011.


  • Neilson household - The original household of Marj Neilson, Tom Neilson, Stuart Neilson and Darryl Neilson. Marj sold the house in 1993 a few months after Tom went missing.
  • The Samuels residence - The only original set still in the show. Originally the flat where Sam and Steve lived. It is more widely known as the Samuels residence when TK Samuels, Sarah, Daniel and Tillie Potts lived there on and off. It has changed slightly over the years but not drastically. The large, inset wall cabinet behind the dinner table was once a door that let to the bathroom. There is a sleepout in the back garden. TK still owns the property and currently rents it out to Mo Hannah with his family with residents including; Curtis and Jack. Residents of the Hannah family have included his daughter, Pixie, ex-wife Margret, girlfriends Victoria and Kate along with her son Blue.


  • The Penlington - An upmarket restaurant and hotel, wealthy characters will often plan to take their dates there. A popular choice of restaurant for Chris Warner.
  • Potts residence - A modern house where Sarah and Daniel Potts lived until their neighbours drove them away.
  • Pierce residence - Ethan Pierces house where he was murdered.
  • Potts Primary Care Clinic - The new GP clinic that Sarah opened up in June 2010. Sarah purchased the Shortland Street PCC operation after the DHB made a decision to axe the PCC however was not allowed to operate the business inside Shortland Street Hospital. Sarah fell victim to a robbery there. Doctors included Sarah and previously Reuben and Henry was to have a dentistry there. Wendy was the nurse there. Just weeks after the new clinic opened Sarah sold the clinic and eventually accepted a new position at Shortland Street.
  • Prison - The Prison has appeared when various characters have served jail time often after being accused for a crime the character didn't commit to. Examples of characters to serve jail time at the prison include Chris Warner in 2012 for the alleged murder of Hayley O'Neil.


  • Q'Road - A fictional road never seen on the show but is suggested to be a red light district. The name Q'Road is a take on K'Road in Auckland. It is often referred to by characters, especially ones in the emergency department when people are bought in with injuries having come from Q'Road.


  • R Bar - Originally called Kennedy's, this was the local bar run by Rachael McKenna during the 1990s until it was sold to Lionel in 1998. The bar was given a 1970s retro refit and renamed to Lionel's in 1998.


  • Shortland Street Hospital - Shortland Street Hospital is the main location of the show. It is in central Ferndale. Once a very small private clinic, in 2001 the clinic converted to a public hospital.
  • Sugar - The local cafe across the road from the hospital. Debuted in 2004 and retired in 2015.
  • St. Bartlomews (St. Barts) - A private school that Harry attended until he transferred to the public Ferndale High School in 2016. Bruce, Chris, Guy Warner and Phoenix Raynor previously attended the school. Kane Jenkins won a scholarship to attend the school and play on the school 1st XV Rugby Team.
  • Strombolli - The Coffee Shop was a local meeting place for hospital staff as it was located close to the hospital. It was joined to a Gym and was featured for many years. It was originally run by Gina Rossi and after her departure Lionel Skeggins. At the shows beginning in 1992, all coffee shops scenes were filmed on location at an existing venue. Later, a purpose built set identical to the on location venue was constructed in the filming studios.
  • The Flat - Previously been referred to as "The Student Flat" it is where Hunter McKay and Brodie Kemp lived starting in June 2010. The flat was destroyed by a fire in late 2010 but was later repaired. Various characters have lived here including long-term resident Nicole Miller. The current tenants include Ali Karim and Damo Johnson.




  • Valentine Household - Originally the house of Meredith and her son Andrew in 1992 but more recently the household of Craig, Jake and Scarlett Valentine along with Craigs girlfriend Alice Piper. The set has since retired.


  • Warner Mansion - The house of Chris Warner. Appeared between 2004 and 2015. Housed many of Chris' ex-girlfriends including Libby Jeffries who accidentally set it alight and renovated it in 2009 to its most recent look. In 2005, Toni Warner fell down the stairs there causing her baby to miscarriage. Rachel Mckenna lived here with Chris from 2010. In summer 2015 a fierce storm hit the Warner mansion, a bath full of water crashed through the ceiling, and a tree in the garden was blown over and craashed through the wall. As a result, the family relocated to a new executive home.
  • Warner/McKenna Mansion - Chris, Rachel and Harry continued to live in the new home until Rachel left in 2016. Today Chris's other children Finn, Sass, and Frank live there too. Kylie later moves in when she marries Frank.

Online locations[edit]

The following are fictional online locations Shortland Street characters often visit when using the Internet.

  • The Engine - This is a search engine used by characters to find information on the Internet. The site looks very similar to Google Search with a white background and text layout and fonts. The Engine was also used in an episode of Go Girls, even though it was said that they were 'Googling'
  • Kinter - An online phone dating app similar to Tinder.
  • My Life - A social networking website with a description similar to Facebook or MySpace. Characters on the show often use it to connect with each other.
  • NZ Buy and Sell - An online auction website similar to that of Trade Me or eBay. Often characters will talk about an item they are planning to buy or sell from NZ Buy and Sell.
  • Love Spark - An online dating website similar to Find Someone. Vasa Levi uses the screen name "pacificprincess75" on this service and runs into "mistert" an abusive ex named Travis from her past.