Loch Lomond Youth Soccer Festival

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The Loch Lomond Youth Soccer Festival is a youth festival open to boys and girls of ages 9 to 17 years old. The Festival began in Balloch, Loch Lomond 10 years ago and is now located at Stirling University in Stirling, Scotland. The tournament brings youths together from around the world to play soccer and to enjoy a cultural experience. In 2009, there were 80 teams from 8 countries that participated in The Festival.[1]

The Festival takes place during the first week of August each year. The week begins with an orientation of the campus and festival and an opening ceremony. Games are played during the day and there are social events at night. The Festival ends with an awards ceremony for each age group.[1]

2009 Final Results[edit]

Boys 1993: Shetland 3 vs 1 Luncarty Boys Club
Boys 1994: Calderbraes 94's 1 vs 0 Letham Tangerines
Boys 1995: Annandale Force 3 vs 1 Kilsyth Athletic F.C.
Boys 1996: West Des Moines Galaxy 0 vs 6 Paramount JFC
Boys 1997: Letham Sky Blues 1 vs 2 Bellfield B.C.


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