Loch Watten

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Loch Watten
Loch Watten.jpg
Location Caithness
Coordinates 58°29′25″N 3°19′46″W / 58.49028°N 3.32944°W / 58.49028; -3.32944Coordinates: 58°29′25″N 3°19′46″W / 58.49028°N 3.32944°W / 58.49028; -3.32944
Type freshwater loch
Basin countries Scotland

Loch Watten is a loch in the River Wick drainage basin in Caithness, Scotland.[1] The name is a tautology, consisting of the word "loch" (of Gaelic origin) and vatn, a Norse word meaning the very same, found in such names as "Þingvallavatn" and Myvatn in Iceland, and "Røssvatnet" and "Møsvatn" in Norway.

It is well known as a good fly fishing loch for brown trout with the local village Watten being located to the south


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