Lochside Regional Trail

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Lochside Regional Trail
Length29 km (18 mi)
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Swartz Bay
(Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal)
UseHiking, Running, Cycling, Skateboarding, Horse Riding
Hiking details
Trail difficultyAccessible to Easy
SightsSwan Lake Nature Sanctuary
HazardsRoad crossings
Galloping Goose
Swan Lake
Nature Sanctuary
McKenzie Avenue
Blenkinsop Trestle
across Blenkinsop Lake
to Mount Douglas Park
Royal Oak Drive
McMinn Park
Cordova Bay Road
Sayward Road
Martindale Road
Island View Road
Washington Ferries
Beacon Avenue
Swartz Bay
Ferry Terminal

The Lochside Regional Trail is a 29-kilometre (18-mile) trail[1] that runs from the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The trail is a popular route both for commuting and recreation. It is frequented by people walking, running, cycling, skateboarding and riding horses.

Trail marker for the Lochside Regional Trail.

The trail was created in 2001 and connects to the longer Galloping Goose Regional Trail. The two trails connect at the Switch Bridge in Saanich.


At one time the trail originally began as a railway route built by the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway (by 1918 Canadian National). Starting from Victoria it went up the peninsula to Patricia Bay where the Coast Guard ships dock is. It followed what was the lochside trail then crossed the Victoria and Sidney Railway at Bazan. Heading west it would cross the British Columbia Electric Railway to get to the bay.


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