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Lock 'n Load Publishing
Developer and Designer of Board and Digital Games
Industry Strategy games for Card, Board and Personal Computers.
Founded 2006
Headquarters Pueblo, Colorado
Key people
David Heath, Jeff Lewis, Ralph Ferrari, Sean Druelinger, Matt Lohse, Marc von Martial, and Blackwell Hird
Products 75+
Website lnlpublishing.com

Lock 'n Load Publishing is a developer and publisher of board and computer games, specifically strategy games and wargames. They are based out of Colorado. From a small three-game beginning, Lock 'n Load Publishing has grown to a game company offering over fifty products including the Nations at War, World at War, Lock 'n Load, Corps Command, Tank on Tank series, and a company magazine, Line of Fire. In addition to historical, conflict-centered games, Lock 'n Load Publishing has also branched out into science fiction and horror, with All Things Zombie, Space Infantry, and Nuklear Winter '68.

Company history[edit]

In 2003 Shrapnel Games published the first of Mark Walker's Lock 'n Load games. Titled Forgotten Heroes, the game became an instant hit, selling out within the first year of publication. Mark quickly followed the module with the ANZAC Attack expansion, which also rapidly sold out.

Following the release of the original games, Mark released his next title, Band of Heroes, with the help of David Heath and Erik Rutins through Matrix Games. The game subsequently won historical game of the year at the 2005 Origins Awards. In 2006 Matrix and Mark parted ways, and Mark founded Lock 'n Load Publishing. The company's original titles, Lock 'n Load: Swift and Bold, World at War: Eisenbach Gap, and Lock 'n Load: Day of Heroes, were released within the year, and have subsequently sold through two printings.

In June 2014 David Heath became Lock 'n Load Publishing's principal owner and business manager. Heath been in the game industry most of his life. He was one of the founding owners of Matrix Games and its leading business manager for over ten years. Lock 'n Load Publishing acquired its own printing company, naming it Red Ball Xpress.


Lock 'n Load Publishing games have garnered awards from The International Gamers, Origins 2005 Historical Game of the Year, The Wargamer, Games Magazine, and a few of Charles S. Roberts' Awards, including best of the year award for Heroes of the Gap. Additionally, Mark Walker's novel World at War: Revelation was nominated for best game-related publication at the 2011 Origins Game Convention.

Complete product line-up[edit]

In development[edit]

  • Falling Stars
  • Hollow Cell


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