Lock On: Modern Air Combat

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Lock On: Modern Air Combat
Lock On Modern Air Combat.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s)Eagle Dynamics
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows Edit this on Wikidata
Genre(s)Flight simulator
Mode(s)Single-player Edit this on Wikidata

Lock On: Modern Air Combat or LOMAC, known in Russia as Lock On, is a modern combat flight simulation developed by Eagle Dynamics and published by Ubi Soft in Europe and 1C Company in Russia; it is considered as a survey simulator by its creators.[3] It contains 8 flyable aircraft and over 40 non-playable/AI-controlled planes. The game mainly revolves around air-to-air combat and air-to-ground combat with some optional, unique roles such as pinpoint/anti-radiation strikes, anti-ship strikes or aerobatics. The game realistically models all aspects of take-off and landing, AWACS (also known as AEW&C), carrier-based landings (for the Su-33), and aerial refueling.

Flaming Cliffs 2.0[edit]

LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2 is a further evolution of LockOn: Flaming Cliffs. All of the player-controlled aircraft have been transferred to the virtual environment created for the Digital Combat Simulator series.[4]

In November 2009 Eagle Dynamics announced that a paid upgrade called Flaming Cliffs 2.0 was planned for release in early 2010.[5]

Flaming Cliffs 3[edit]

In 2013, the third version of the game was released as a Digital Combat Simulator module.


The editors of Computer Gaming World nominated Lock On: Modern Air Combat for their 2003 "Flight Simulation of the Year" award, which ultimately went to Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight.[6]


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