Lock and Dam No. 2

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Mississippi River Lock and Dam number 2.jpg
Mississippi River Lock and Dam No. 2
Location Hastings, Dakota County / Denmark Township, Washington County, near Hastings, Minnesota
Coordinates 44°45′35″N 92°52′07″W / 44.75972°N 92.86861°W / 44.75972; -92.86861Coordinates: 44°45′35″N 92°52′07″W / 44.75972°N 92.86861°W / 44.75972; -92.86861
Operator(s) United States Army Corps of Engineers
Dam and spillways
Impounds Upper Mississippi River
Length 722 feet (220.1 m) (movable portion)
Creates Pool 2
Total capacity 787,000 acre·ft (0.971 km3)
Catchment area 36,990 sq mi (95,800 km2)

Lock and Dam No. 2 is located along the Upper Mississippi River near Hastings, Minnesota and was originally built in 1907. The eastern dam portion is 722 feet (220 m) wide and has 19 tainter gates. A hydroelectric station that produces about 4.4 megawatts is owned by the city of Hastings, while the 110 by 600 feet (34 m × 183 m) lock is operated by the St. Paul district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Mississippi Valley Division. There's also a wide earthen dam on the western side of the facility.

Following construction, the original lock walls settled and began to lean out of alignment, so a replacement lock was built. It was finished in 1948. A rehabilitation phase ran from 1987 to 1995. In 2009, Lock and Dam No. 2 became home to the nation's first commercial, federally licensed hydrokinetic power facility, which is a partnership between the City of Hastings and Hydro Green Energy, LLC of Westmont, IL.

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lock and dam 2 tonnage

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