Lock and Dam No. 4

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Lock and dam 4 aerial.jpeg
Mississippi River Lock and Dam No. 4
Location Greenfield Township, Wabasha County, Minnesota / Alma, Wisconsin, USA
Coordinates 44°19′32″N 91°55′13″W / 44.32556°N 91.92028°W / 44.32556; -91.92028Coordinates: 44°19′32″N 91°55′13″W / 44.32556°N 91.92028°W / 44.32556; -91.92028
Construction began 1932
Opening date May 1935
Operator(s) United States Army Corps of Engineers
Dam and spillways
Impounds Upper Mississippi River
Length 1,367 feet (416.7 m) (movable portion)
Creates Pool 4
Total capacity 878,000 acre·ft (1.083 km3)
Catchment area 57,100 sq mi (148,000 km2)

Lock and Dam No. 4 is a lock and dam located near Alma, Wisconsin and Kellogg, Minnesota on the Upper Mississippi River around river mile 752.8.

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The lock and dam was constructed and placed in operation in May 1935. There were ten major injuries and three deaths recorded during construction of the facility. Its last major rehabilitation was from 1988 to 1994.

An old photograph dated September 1935 and captioned "Photograph of crowd onshore assembled for Alma, WI dam dedication."

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