Lock and Dam No. 5A

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Mississippi River Lock and Dam number 5A.jpg
Lock and Dam 5A, Upper Mississippi River. View is upriver to the northwest.
Location Winona, Minnesota / Buffalo, Buffalo County, Wisconsin, United States
Coordinates 44°05′06″N 91°40′25″W / 44.085119°N 91.673698°W / 44.085119; -91.673698Coordinates: 44°05′06″N 91°40′25″W / 44.085119°N 91.673698°W / 44.085119; -91.673698
Construction began 1932
Opening date June 1936
Operator(s) United States Army Corps of Engineers
Dam and spillways
Impounds Upper Mississippi River
Length 682 feet (207.9 m)(movable portion)
Creates Pool 5A
Total capacity 39,600 acre·ft (0.0488 km3)
Catchment area 59,105 sq mi (153,080 km2)

Lock and Dam No. 5A is a lock and dam located near Fountain City, Wisconsin and Goodview, Minnesota on the Upper Mississippi River around river mile 728.5. It was constructed in 1932, placed in operation in 1936. Its last major rehabilitation was from 1989 through 2000. The dam consists of a concrete structure 682 feet (207.9 m) long with five roller gates and five tainter gates with an earth embankment 22,000 feet (6,705.6 m) long. Its concrete overflow spillway is 1,000 feet (304.8 m) long and its lock is 110 feet (33.5 m) wide by 600 feet (182.9 m) long.

Lock and Dam No. 5A

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