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Lockboxer is a web-based company founded by entrepreneur Jennifer Morehead. Lockboxer helps people manage their things by letting them find out how much an item is worth and then helping them sell, donate, make a wish list, or create a home inventory.[1]

Lockboxer has been recognized by multiple publications including Mashable, Auctiva, and ProgrammableWeb. Lockboxer was recognized in Mashable's Spark of Genius series in August 2011.[2]

Lockboxer helps people manage their stuff by letting users sell directly to eBay and record a list of their donations.[3] Lockboxer also gives users a way to make a home inventory. This helps people accurately purchase home insurance and quickly recover from a loss.[4]

Lockboxer's headquarters are in Evanston, IL. The website launched in July 2011.


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