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Lost episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 17
Directed byStephen Williams
Written byCarlton Cuse
Damon Lindelof
Featured music"I'll Share My World with You" by George Jones
"Compared to What" by Les McCann and Eddie Harris
Production code217
Original air dateMarch 29, 2006
Running time42 minutes[1]
Guest appearance(s)

Michael Emerson as Henry Gale
Kevin Tighe as Anthony Cooper
Andrea Gabriel as Nadia Jazeem
Katey Sagal as Helen Norwood
Geoffrey Rivas as Father Chuck
Theo Coumbis as Jimmy Bane

Episode chronology
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"The Whole Truth"
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"Lockdown" is the 42nd episode of Lost. It is the 17th episode of the second season. The episode was directed by Stephen Williams, and written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. It first aired on March 29, 2006, on ABC. The character of John Locke is featured in the episode's flashbacks.



In a flashback, Locke is preparing to propose to his girlfriend, Helen, at a picnic, but while he is preparing the lunch, she notices Locke's father's name in the obituaries, so they postpone the picnic to attend the funeral. No one else is there, except two mysterious men standing in the distance. There is also a silver Mercedes with a driver who continuously glares at Locke throughout the funeral far away. At the conclusion of the service, Locke stands next to the coffin and says, "I forgive you."

Later, it is revealed that he has opened his own business inspecting homes. After checking the home of Nadia, he sees the same silver car near his house, and finds that it is his father driving it, who had faked his own death to escape from the two men who are trying to kill him because of a "retirement con". He wants Locke to go to the bank to get the money for him from a safety deposit box, and keep $200,000 as payment. After going to the safety deposit box and collecting the money, Locke returns home and encounters the two mysterious men who question him about the validity of his father's death and search his work bag. When Helen asks Locke about the situation, he lies to her and says that he has not seen his father. When Locke meets up with his father at the motel, he tells his father that he is planning on marrying Helen. But when he leaves, he sees Helen has followed him, and she is hurt by his lies. She breaks up with Locke, accusing him of choosing his father's love over hers. Locke gets down on one knee and proposes, but Helen shakes her head and drives away, leaving Locke to stare at his father getting into a taxi cab to leave as well.

On the island[edit]

Henry Gale tries to convince Locke and a suspicious Jack that he was making a bad joke about leading Sayid's group into a trap. After Jack and Locke argue about what to do next, Jack storms off, leaving Locke to put Henry back in the armory. When Jack reaches the beach, he sees Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer playing poker with some DHARMA Initiative playing cards. After showing that he knows a lot about how to play, he challenges Sawyer to a game to win back the medicine that Sawyer has been hoarding. Jack wins the game and says he'll collect the medicine later.

In the hatch, while Locke is pedaling on the stationary bike, he suddenly hears static noise coming from the speakers throughout the hatch, even though there are still 47 minutes left on the timer. A few seconds later, a female voice counts down from ten, and the blast doors quickly begin to shut when she reaches zero, but Locke wedges one open with a crowbar. He then enlists Henry Gale's help to further open the doors, forcing one up a couple of feet and then sliding a toolbox underneath to prop it open. Locke tries to slide through the gap, but the door crushes the toolbox and his legs. One of the metal poles on the underside of the door impales his leg, trapping him under the door. Since the timer is still counting down, Locke tells Henry how to get into the computer room through the vents to input the numbers, and Henry agrees to the mission on the condition that Locke will protect him from the other survivors.

While Gale is gone, the timer begins to beep rapidly, signaling the beginning of the one-minute countdown, then the alarm stops, there is a whirring noise (similar to the jet engine-like sound in "One of Them") and the lights go out. Seconds later, blacklights come on and for exactly thirty seconds a diagram is revealed on the blast door that Locke is trapped under. It appears to be a multi-layered map of the island, but it is only shown briefly before the ordinary lights turn back on and the blast doors retract to their normal positions. Henry steps out of the computer room and tells Locke that he did what Locke asked him to do.

On the beach, Kate sees a flashing light in the jungle, and when she and Jack investigate, they find an enormous package of food attached to a parachute. They are quickly joined by Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie, who have returned from their expedition.

When Jack enters the hatch, he grabs Henry off of the injured Locke, though Locke tries to defend Henry, saying that he was helping him after the blast doors came down. Sayid confirms that they found the balloon and the grave and they were exactly where Henry had said they were. However, Sayid adds that he was still skeptical as to the validity of Henry's story, so he dug up the grave to verify it was his wife's, and found a man's body instead, which held the photo ID of a black man named Henry Gale. This confirms the survivors' suspicion that "Henry" is not who he says he is.


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