Lockdown Project

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Lockdown Project
Origin Southern England
Genres Alternative hip hop
Labels Grönland Records
Members Ollie 'ARNOLD THE BODY' Maides (Vocals)
James Newton (Guitar)
Lawrence Hudson (Bass Guitar)
Ben Maides (Drums)

Lockdown Project is an alternative hip hop group hailing from southern England. Most commonly known simply as Lockdown or LDP is a group of young rappers and musicians. .[citation needed]


Lockdown Project are not grime or garage style based, fusing "old school" hip hop with electronica and ambient beats to create a laid back sound. Most of Lockdown are musicians, performing onstage in a variety of local bands who record instrumental tracks for their own use.

The lyrics of founding MC's Prophet of Rage and H Bomb are on the most part either politically motivated or G Funk based, and delivered more in the style of American rather than UK hip hop.

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