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Locke is a common Western surname of Germanic origin. It is also a Scottish surname and a romanization of the Chinese surname Luo.


Locke has multiple origins and meanings, including:[1][2]

  • from Old English, as an occupational surname for locksmiths or lock keepers;
  • from Old English, Dutch, German, and English, as a toponym for one who had residence near an enclosure, particularly one that could be locked; a barrier, particularly that on a river; or a bridge;
  • from Old English and Old High German, as a name for one with curly hair.
  • from a romanization of "Lok", the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese surname Luo /.

Locke is also the surname of a Scottish clan, with historic roots and a family seat in Peeblesshire. Variations on this surname include Loch, Lock, Lochlair, and Locklair, among others.[3]

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