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This article is about the software package. For other uses, see Locker.

The Locker Project is discontinued open source software for users to record their "digital wake"[1] - the sites they visit, the purchases they make, and various other activities that they engage in. Startup Singly was funding development of Locker, in the belief that third-party developers would build apps on top of Locker, such as recommender systems.[2]

Singly was founded by Jeremie Miller, creator of XMPP, Jason Cavnar and Simon Murtha-Smith. Matt Zimmerman, former CTO of Ubuntu, joined Singly and was the CTO.[3]

Locker is free software under a BSD license.[4]


It was intended that users would be able to control which parts of their locker they share with their social network and companies they interact with.

Technical details[edit]

Developers can write Connectors to pipe data in from a web site such as Flickr, or a local application such as a web browser. Alternatively, they can write Synclets, which are a newer, more lightweight alternative to Connectors.

The Locker development team have started writing code to use the TeleHash protocol (initially created by Miller) to distribute data directly between contacts in a peer to peer manner, i.e. without the need for centralised servers.

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