Lockerley Camp

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Lockerley Camp
Lockerley Camp is located in Hampshire
Lockerley Camp
Shown within Hampshire
Coordinates51°01′54″N 1°34′03″W / 51.0317°N 1.5675°W / 51.0317; -1.5675Coordinates: 51°01′54″N 1°34′03″W / 51.0317°N 1.5675°W / 51.0317; -1.5675
Area5 acres
PeriodsIron Age
Site notes
Public accesson private farmland

Lockerley Camp is the site of an Iron Age univallate hillfort located in Hampshire. Situated on a low gravel-capped plateau, it covers approximately 5 acres and is now much reduced by ploughing, for the majority of the site falls into farmland, although a small area to the north is within a small coppice and the earthworks are more discernible here.[1][2]


The site is located at grid reference SU304259, and lies to the east of the village of Lockerley, in the county of Hampshire. Immediately to the north lies the River Dun. The site lies at a level of approximately 40m AOD.