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Lockhart Beach Provincial Park is a provincial park Located 40 km north of Creston, British Columbia, Canada, on BC Highway 3A. "This park and the adjacent Lockhart Creek Provincial Park extend 3 hectares (7.4 acres), from the sunny shores of Kootenay Lake to the headwaters of Lockhart Creek. "This small park provides the only easy access to public camping along the south arm of Kootenay Lake. An 18 site campground and day use area are located near a sand and fine gravel beach where visitors can relax and enjoy the clear waters of Kootenay Lake."

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  • Canoeing: There are paddling, canoeing and kayaking opportunities at this park.
  • Cycling: Bicycles must keep to roadways. Bicycle helmets are mandatory in British Columbia. Bicycles must keep to roadways. Bicycle helmets are mandatory in British Columbia.
  • Fishing: There are fishing opportunities in Kootenay Lake especially for Gerrad Rainbow trout. Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have an appropriate licence.
  • Hiking: The adjacent Lockhart Creek Provincial Park has a well maintained hiking trail that follows the north side of Lockhart Creek gaining about 800 metres (2,600 ft) of elevation over a 3- hour hike. An old cabin site about two hours up is a favourite destination. Though open to wilderness recreation, the park has no facilities or marked trails and is not regularly serviced. Visitors should be self-sufficient and proficient in backcountry travel practices. For your own safety and the preservation of the park, obey posted signs and keep to designated trails. Shortcutting trails destroys plant life and soil structure.
  • Pets on Leash: Pets/domestic animals must be on a leash at all times and are not allowed in beach areas or park buildings. You are responsible for their behaviour and must dispose of their excrement. Backcountry areas are not suitable for dogs or other pets due to wildlife issues and the potential for problems with bears.
  • Swimming: There are swimming opportunities in Kootenay Lake at this park. There are no lifeguards on duty at provincial parks.


  • Campfires: Firewood can be purchased from the Park Facility Operator in some parks or you can bring your own wood. Fees for firewood are set locally and may vary. To preserve vegetation and ground cover, please do not gather firewood from the area around your campsite or elsewhere in the park. Dead wood is an important habitat element for many plants and animals and it adds organic matter to the soil. You can conserve firewood and air quality by keeping your campfire small. Limited burning hours or campfire bans may be implemented and some parks may use communal fire rings. Be prepared to bring a portable stove for cooking.
  • Drinking Water: Hand pump wells provide water. To ensure water is safe for drinking, all water must be boiled for at least 5 minutes.
  • Picnic Areas: This park has a day-use/picnic area and sandy beach along Kootenay Lake. There is capacity for 12 vehicles in the day-use area.
  • Pit or Flush Toilets: This park only has pit toilets – no flush toilets.
  • Vehicle Accessible Camping :The recently rebuilt 18 site campground offers vehicle access on a first-come, first-served basis - campsite reservations are not accepted. There is one drive-through site and three double sites. There is no phone at Lockhart Beach, however nearby towns and resorts offer telephone and tourist services. Vehicle Accessible Camping Fee: $15.00 per party / night. BC Senior's Rate (Shoulder Season only): $7.50 per senior couple/night

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