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Lockwood Broadcast Group is a television broadcasting company that owns television stations mainly CW affiliates in several markets.

Lockwood Broadcast main offices are located in Hampton, VA with Operation Headquarters in Richmond, VA.


Lockwood Broadcast began its operations in the early 1990s by upstarting television station WPEN-LP until the run ended in April 2002.[1] In September 1996, Lockwood purchased religious independent station WLYJ-TV (now WVFX) then sold it to Davis Television in 1998. In April 1997, Lockwood acquired another religious independent station WJCB-TV (now WPXV-TV) before it was purchased by Paxson Communications in December of the same year and July 1997, Lockwood bought then-The WB affiliate WAWB from Bell Broadcasting for $10 million, changing the call letters to WUPV and became an UPN affiliate until joining the CW on September 18, 2006 and the selling of the station to Southeastern Media Holdings (now American Spirit Media and operated by Raycom Media through a shared services agreement (SSA)) for $47 million in August 2006. In 1998, Lockwood purchased ABC affiliate KTEN became exclusively an NBC affiliate after the acquisition of the station and brought UPN affiliate WHDF in May 2004 for $5.5 million.[2]

On January 24, 2006, the UPN and WB networks announced that they would merge into a new network called The CW Television Network. On April 4, 2006, Lockwood announced that they have signed affiliation deals with The CW to become affiliates of the newly combined network.

Longtime owner Commonwealth Broadcasting put up CW affiliate WQCW for sale on January 20, 2007. Lockwood Broadcast acquired the station for $5.25 million. The deal closed on May 21 of that year.

In February 2011, ACME Communications announced a deal to sell WBXX-TV to Lockwood for $5.6 million. The FCC approved the sale on March 21 and the deal closed on May 6.

On November 13, 2012, Lockwood Broadcast Group entered into an agreement to purchase Daystar affiliate WMAK from Word of God Fellowship for $2.95 million while at the same filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission to change the station's call letters to WKNX-TV. The FCC approved the sale on December 21. On February 25, 2013, Lockwood took control of the station, which converted to an independent television station with general entertainment programming format its branding was also changed to "WKNX, The Knox", although the station did not formally change its callsign until March 19. Formal consummation of the Lockwood purchase occurred on March 4, 2013, creating the Knoxville television market's first station duopoly with CW affiliate WBXX-TV.

On April 1, 2013, Lockwood would be acquiring CW affiliate WCWG from Titan Broadcasting for $2.75 million. [1] The sale was consummated on September 23.[2]

On July 15, 2013, Lockwood announced that they will seek a 51% stake in WSKY-TV, a full-power independent television station currently owned by Sky Television, LLC for $1.105 million.[3] The sale was finalized on November 25.[4]

On November 15, 2013, Lockwood announced that it would sell WQCW to Excalibur Broadcasting for $5.5 million. Upon the completion of the purchase, WQCW will begin a shared services agreement with Gray Television, owner of NBC affiliate WSAZ-TV. Excalibur's president Don Ray was a former general manager at WSAZ.[5] However, in February 2014, this deal was abandoned in favor of selling WQCW and WOCW to Gray outright for that same $5.5 million; Gray noted in the updated filing with the FCC that WQCW is not among the four highest-rated stations in the Charleston – Huntington market and that there would still be eight unique station owners upon the completion of the WQCW purchase, and in a statement said that "it made more sense to own the stations outright."[6][7] In the interim, Gray took over WQCW and WOCW through a local marketing agreement on February 1.[7] The sale was completed on April 1.[8]

On October 1, 2015, Gray announced that it would sell KAKE-TV in Wichita, Kansas to Lockwood in return for WBXX-TV and $11.2 million.


After the sale of WUPV, Lockwood's Richmond, Virginia Operation Headquarters was turned into a Broadcast Operation Service Solution that provides content delivery and back-office function. Completed in 2007, the "hub" facility has remotely operated two CW affiliates WHDF in Huntsville, Alabama and WQCW (currently owned by Gray Television) in Charleston, West Virginia. The state-of-the-art system employs an IP-based delivery method of HD broadcast, using proprietary ACT-L3™ codec to convey a signal stream with technical accuracy and aesthetic clarity. Lockwood utilizes advanced IP-centric, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based solutions to build its private IP cloud.

Lockwood Broadcast TV stations[edit]

Currently owned stations[edit]

Market Station Channel
Owned since Current affiliation
Huntsville, Alabama WHDF 15 (14) 2004 The CW
Wichita, KS KAKE 10 (10) 2016 ABC
Colby, KS KLBY
(satellite of KAKE)
4 (17) 2016 ABC
Garden City, KS KUPK
(satellite of KAKE)
13 (13) 2016 ABC
Lexington - Greensboro - High Point -
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
WCWG 20 (19) 2013 The CW
Manteo, North Carolina -
Norfolk - Hampton, Virginia
WSKY-TV 4 (9) 2013 Independent
Ada, Oklahoma - Sherman, Texas KTEN 10 (26) 1998 NBC
The CW (DT2)
Knoxville, Tennessee WKNX-TV 7 (7) 2013 Independent

Formerly owned stations[edit]

Market Station Channel
Years owned Current ownership status
Portsmouth, Ohio - Charleston -
Huntington, West Virginia
WQCW 30 (17) 2007-2014 The CW affiliate owned by Gray Television
Knoxville, Tennessee WBXX-TV 20 (20) 2011-2016 The CW affiliate owned by Gray Television
Hampton, Virginia WPEN-LP 68 Early or Late 1990s defunct.
Norfolk, Virginia WJCB-TV 49 (46) 1997 ION owned-and-operated (O&O), WPXV-TV [9] [10]
Richmond, Virginia WUPV 65 (47) 1997–2006 The CW affiliate owned by American Spirit Media
(Operated through a SSA by Raycom Media)
Clarksburg, West Virginia WLYJ-TV 10 (10) 1996–1998 Fox affiliate, WVFX, owned by Withers Broadcasting Company


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