Lockwood Gardens, Oakland, California

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Coordinates: 37°45′42″N 122°11′48″W / 37.76167°N 122.19667°W / 37.76167; -122.19667 Lockwood Gardens, is a neighborhood and housing project located in East Oakland, California, on 65th and International Boulevard.[1] Carolyn Wilson, a former clerk with the Oakland Housing Authority, is serving a jail sentence for moving people to the top of the long public housing waiting list after accepting bribes for Lockwood Gardens.[1] The neighborhood lies at an elevation of 25 feet (6 m) and is located less than a mile from the Oakland Coliseum.

Lockwood is also known as the "6-5 Vill" (Village), and is one half of the "Vill." The other half of the "Vill" is the recently torn down 69th San Antonio Villas housing project, where infamous drug kingpin Felix Mitchell is from. The 69th San Antonio Villas have since been remodeled and is now a mixed-income community. Once an extremely unattractive housing project, the Oakland Housing Authority also remodeled Lockwood Gardens. Collectively with community support the once crime plagued community has seen a dramatic decrease in crime.


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